South Korea fired missiles into the ocean to simulate an assault on the North’s predominant nuclear test web site.



  1. dumb cunt haley forgot the US dropped 26000 bombs on one country in one year last year… so fuck you… sorry, but fuck you. what a reversed society… a bunch of psychopaths.

  2. Bibleimploder
    3 minutes ago (edited)
    North Korea is getting its nuclear know how from Israel. It would not be the first country Israel gave nukes to. They gave it to Stalin and Tarzan in Florida was going to sell them to Columbia. I can see it now, Israel is out to make its own Zionism State a global empire where the sun never sets, just like it use to be said about England. So they ship Rabbis with Torah scrolls not of Moses words but of nuclear know how documents rolled up inside. They then fly to Russia's Jewish autonomous Oblast and take a US shipped Monsey Bus south into North Korea with a North Korean bus driver. America and England thinks they know more than God when it comes to giving Talmudic Jews back land in Palestine. God had a reason to disperse Jews and not have them congregate but now its too late to stop Israeli crimes against non-Jewish humanity which is no crime to Jews.

  3. 美國在不打朝鮮,因為他是世界最大產釉國,等他壯大,一次射一千顆州際飛彈氫彈,美國會被滅亡,到時美國會後悔,當初不決戰境外

  4. lol now this fat fuck wants to tell us we are loosing? wtf fake ass shit is this? you know the US sells arms to both sides, to profit, why are you not on to this?

  5. America will not do a damn thing another warning like always! how many missiles have North Korea have tested and all America did was give warnings so now here we are he completed his goal if America was serious we be at war already …..so at this point warnings are usless

  6. Einstein said WWIII would be fought with nukes. And WWIV would be fought with sticks and stones.

    We have to make rational decisions. As long as we don't attack North Korea, they won't attack us. They will still do tests, but they won't actually attack.

  7. Do something !!!why are we just sitting back and giving him all the time in the world!! no longer racially divided but we must all show each other and fight for one another as one country and then understand why we are proud to be Americans and that we are all willing to contribute to this country of freedom ! Our freedom !!

  8. Causalities in 24 hours 6 hundred thousand that's right now
    Give NK a month and if we don't move first.
    20 million casualties reality is a bitch!

  9. To all thous like war,all thous like see kids womens old peoples and like see towns blowing away ,sorry assholes Russia and China just get into N Korea .to talk to the fat Kim .and not act of war be success. Thanks God ,not war U.S. don't need war they own to much money ,no one will financial U.S. the way Ucrane financial N Korea is good , and they don't go stop doing it .sorry Fox's NO WAR??


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