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This week i built some stairs for my loftbed.
To safe space i made asymmetrical cut outs.
works pretty good!

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  1. I like how you used the screws for clamping purposes only, them replaced them with dowels. Often I see woodworkers hiding screws with plugs, but your approach feels more straightforward to me! I think I'll borrow this from you sometime, using contrasting colored dowels. Thank you!

  2. As always great video and great design. So do you do research on your ideas to come up with the final design or do you tend to just kind of run and gun and work out the details while you're building?

  3. If I remember correctly, these are called Miller's stairs (at least in Dutch), as they were commonly used in windmills. Very nice execution.

  4. Cool solution! I like how they alternate slightly, so they don't take up more room than necessary and really help you climb the stairs!

  5. Laura! Get some push sticks!
    OMG you could really get hurt.
    Plus it sets a very bad example for other people who want to try working with wood.

    I really enjoy watching your work.
    I admire you.
    Please be more safe.

  6. Nice job, very inspiring as always! But be careful with the table saw. It was really scary to watch your hands that close to the blade. One twitch because of some unexpected noise or so, and you could get severely injured…which would suck. Even though you see a lot of people working that way, even professionals, it's safer to always use push sticks. Could be another tool making video, too 🙂 All the best!

  7. I think it's fine but curious why you decided to remove the screws and add the dowels in place instead of just boring out a larger space to cap the screw heads visually using the same similar method? Looks really great regardless. =)

  8. Another sweet project, love how the tiny house is coming together. Question: is the sketch at the end hand drawn or done in some drawing software?

  9. Laura, your woodworking is great and I like your skill set. But seriously, lower the blade on that tablesaw so there is only about 1 tooth sticking above the workpiece. AND, get a blade guard on that thing.


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