The Ad hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport has rejected the appeals of the Russian athletes and coaches, stating that invitation to the Olympics lies within the competence of the International Olympic Committee. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8yqw

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  1. CIA runs all western institutions.
    They are the most powerful and most influental company in Human history.
    Who owns Apple and Google? Yep the CIA.

  2. sports events, economics, cultural activities, finance…. has always been closely related to politics,  there's NO place for the word of "fair game level-play",  it's just pure ethernal interests (political, personal, financial, geopolitical zero-sum games….) matters.

  3. I'm just guessing but I think its because they would win everything, like the guy who wins the marathon up haleakala, Maui. HI over & over year after year. JeezeeLoueeze move over let someone else win. We know your great already. Jus guessing…

  4. Boycott Olympics for hate crimes against Russia. Clean Russian athletes should be allowed to take part in the Olympics. The Olympics were designed to bring countries together not to divide them. The Olympics are corrupt.

  5. it’s not a Olympic Games anymore like before ; we must create another Olympic Games away from politic that’s allow every nations to participate

  6. I am inclined to believe this to be a disgracefully politicized action. The IOC will continue to financially exploit ignorant government officials while adversely affect and burden the innocent.

  7. I don't want to watch the Olympics for the first time. This has nothing to do with sports! It's more like some private territory or a party of "favorites."… and anyone who doesn't fit in – eliminated in violation of ALL norms of LAW AND PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE. It's a shame of IOC and WADA, which actually played in policy. Lies, hypocrisy, bias, corruption, the pressure on the court have done their job. I hate it. Pierre de Coubertin probably flips in his coffin from what is happening…..The Olympics were conceived for a completely different purpose.

  8. the ban is political garbage knowing that countries that win Olympic games can support their political agenda with success at the games, also the Russian athletes should compete anyway at their own facilities for time and compare to Olympic times. then announce the real winners to a world that knows they got a bum deal. if you cant beat them ban them.

  9. Lousy government ran russian dopers can't even admit to what they did let alone fix it. …the ban was rightfully upheld! Every detail of the program is public knowledge. Russia has no fucking shame…I swear. They wonder why they have no friends, no allies, and no credibility


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