Having enjoyable with the stunning college students at King’s College London (KCL) with the power.
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We don’t personal the rights to the music: Imperial March (Darth Vader Theme)

Jedi: George Henry Horton

Video editor/dude who presses the button: Austin Shae

Marketing: James Samir Shamsi



  1. Lol I would be pissed off If i was in the elevator and I needed to rush home or something, other than this this is actually a real prank, keep this up! Maybe you can make a part 2 on this? I and alot of people would probably enjoy it!

  2. You have done one where when the doors almost close, the next time they open, some tall guy like 6'6" in a Darth Vader costume is standing right outside the Elevator and as the doors open he walks in and has a Staring Contest with you. I bet the people in the elevator would freak out.


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