It’s Time!! Episode 8 trailer is finally here!!!! I want to know who Snoke is!!! we discuss everything Star Wars in this video complete with in depth analysis and theories galore!

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  1. HT3 in the mechanic jump coming through like Tommy. Got subs thinking he out here putting in work….we all know you aint got no job maaaaaaayne!

  2. All i know is Rogue One had a WHOLE tie fighter bout to shoot the broad in her face close range in that trailer and that shit was Unsolved Mysteries when the film came out, so we know off jump you can't trust SHIT in these Star Wars trailers. Kylo gonna be holding his hand out to Chewbacca and Rei gonna be talking to Mace Windu by the time the movie drop.

  3. I think Luke was talking about Kylo ren when he was talking about the raw power, he didn't fear/ respect it so kylo became a loose cannon, he probably could've trained him better. Now that he sees Rey, another person with a lot of power, he fears/respects it tremendously because of what kylo ren did (killed the other students and joined Snoke). He's going to want to be the best mentor possible to Rey, because he does not want another one of his students go down a path of violence.

  4. Kylo won't push the trigger and shoot at his mother. Look closely at his facial expressions in that shot. The Force Awakens novel and script both said he immediately regretted killing Han. Snoke had convinced him that he had to kill Han to reach his potential, but he felt weakened instead. Plus the director of this movie said that Leia's story arc will be very satisfying. How would that be if her son kills her? Even though Kylo is speaking about killing the past during that shot, I think that's a later conversation Kylo is having with Rey.

  5. There were a couple cool things i liked about this trailer. When Kylo grabbed the saber off the ground you can see red clothed figures around him. I loved seeing Snoke, aka Darth Plaguies lol excited man. I feel like and hope its gonna be dark

  6. Three things from this video:

    1) You Win! Perfect: I'm glad that Jody's Corner got all them new family members joining, it's no secret I wanna see this channel grow to great heights, but hearing that "You Win! Perfect!" during the trailer and while Jody and the crew was talking was a bit irritating at times. Just my honest opinion.

    2) Luke Dipped: From what it seemed like to me, Luke was talking to Rey. He saw the power of her Force, similar to Kylo's, which is why he said that when he witnessed this raw strength the first time, he wasn't afraid, but that now he was.

    3) Leia: The only part of this trailer that came close to making me feel anything was seeing Carrie Fisher on that spacecraft and Kylo with his finger on the trigger. Out of all ways for General Leia to die, it's gotta be by this weak Kylo's hand? Not to mention her son, too – this nigga be offin' his pops and his mother. And even then, he doesn't come across as savage or menacing.

  7. Ayy man…this trailer got me so excited to see this film, i thought it was gonna be impossible, i actually think this will be good.

  8. Yeah Jody I love Revenge Of The Sith too. It did change how I looked at Star Wars. The Emperor and Obi Wan were the stars of that movie, especially Obi Wan. The score, the quotes, and the action were dope. But what really made me love it was Obi vs Anakin at the end, that fight was PURE EPIC for real. Obi's lines were epic "you were supposed to be the chosen one" "it's over Anakin i have the high ground" "only a Sith deals in absolutes, i will do what I must" BUCKETS!!! Love Ewan McGregor and that movie.

  9. Will it be better than Blade Runner 2049 tho? Speaking of that, are you going to review Blade Runner 2049 it's been a minute Jody WHAT'S GOOD?

  10. Damn I showed up the last minute and it was over lol. Work is a bitch. Nice reaction bro. Trailer looked dope. You know they try to get u on them trailers so I'll wait and see. Thanks Jody for the real. Big ups to Sad Savage and HT3.

  11. Another great live stream reaction with my boys of the just us league. I'm not a star wars fans so I didn't know what I was watching lol. But yall reactions are worth watching??

  12. My theory is we saw kylo struggling to kill his mom, I honestly don't think he will because they would not show it in the trailer. I honestly think kylo is going to go good or at least be in the middle. This trilogy already has a big bad guy and that's snoke. If kylo and snoke were both bad that's honestly very simple storytelling. If Rey and kylo were in a grey area that would really change the whole Star Wars universe. I don't want that right now, but if rian Johnson manages to convince me i will not mind it.

  13. Just got to point out one thing Jody, is that technically when you said Mace was the first grey Jedi we see, technically Qui-gon jinn was the first grey Jedi we see, he conflicted with the council ALOT As also seen with little Ani in episode I. But love the Vids as always, keep it up and I'll stay tuned in 😀

  14. Jody I think the trailer was dopppe asf too mane I think u will like this one more than EPs 6 . And I think that the reason they didn’t show the training of Luke in da og films is because they didint have money to film those scenes so they just got straight to the point not to mention they never imagine it to pop so hard so that why luke may of had a huge power jump


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