In honor of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer dropping yesterday I decided to take everyone’s favorite new internet sensation, The Porgs, and recreate the entire Star Wars theme song using ONLY a sound taken from a new Porg toy. Enjoy and please share with any and all Star Wars fans you know!!!

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  1. Hey there,
    Your Videos are amazing!
    I work for GamePro and GameStar, two gaming pages on facebook with more than 600k fans combined. Would it be ok for you if we created a video based on yours?
    We would credit your channel/video in the top-comment and tag your FB-Page in the post's status, so that our fans could become fans of your page in a second. I think that your work could reach a lot of people who yet have to see your amazing work!
    Let me know what you're thinking.
    Cheers, Philipp

    Especially we're interested in the following clip:

  2. The Phantom Porg, Attack of the Porgs, Revenge of the Porgs, A New Porg, The Porgs Strike Back, Return of the Porg, The Porg Awakens and The Last Porg should be the next special editions.


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