In the late 1990’s, a fierce ardour swept throughout South Korea, transferring on to turn into a chain-reaction the world over, evolving it. No one had ever dreamed that such a revolution could be brought on by a online game. This recreation. . . the one which coined the time period “good recreation”, or “GG”, was StarCraft.

Now, we return in time to discover an thrilling world which was first ignited in Korea and continues to burn fiercely even now, 19 years later.

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StarCraft®: Remastered upgrades the important sci-fi technique expertise from starting to finish. Welcome again to the unique recreation and its award-winning enlargement, StarCraft: Brood War.

We’ve remastered our items, buildings, and environments, improved recreation audio, and broadened our supported resolutions. Illustrated interludes carry the struggles and victories of heroes like Artanis, Fenix, Tassadar, Raynor and Kerrigan to life like by no means earlier than. Most importantly, the technique gameplay that StarCraft perfected years in the past stays unchanged.

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  1. I am very drunk in this moment for see this vídeo but i want to know that i try to saw because i love starcraft and forever the best game ever in the life

  2. Casualgamers aint interested in huge pricemoney or korean progaming for the mayority of gamers funmaps and rpg maps and other cool stuff is what realy reminds me of sc1

  3. These videos are absolutely amazing! I was even tearing up through the whole thing, it's just so great. Starcraft will never die!

  4. Don't really not what to say. Thanks you i guess, thanks you for everything you've done for the E-sport, thanks you blizzard, and thanks you Korea

  5. I have to admit, there were parts of this I teared up. StarCraft was a huge part of my life growing up. It's not just about the hours of fun; there's also the epic opera that unfolds, the campaign editor and custom mods that gave you freedom to create, the essence of strategy and tactical intelligence, the friendships and rivalries that develop, the explosion and success of Esports, and just bringing people together for something awesome. Sure there have been ups and downs throughout the years but how could we forget all these things this game has given us. Thank you StarCraft, you are literally, and will forever be, THE good game.

  6. What an incredibly produced video. Massive shout out to the director and editors who made this possible! music on point, its so well done !!!

  7. Thank you for making this video. This is something really special that you aren't required to do. I mean sure- promoting the game will increase sales and Youtube can be used for that- but you can tell that every touch like this video are labors of love. Thank you for telling our story.

  8. JUST TWO MORE DAYS!!!! TILL REMASTERED. Its gonna be so cool. StarCraft for life. I'm gonna play for a long long time , hoping sc3 comes out one day….

  9. This game got me through everything I couldn't deal with when I was younger, gave me time to myself and an outlet to vent. I would have turned into a horrible person if it wasn't for StarCraft and Brood War. StarCraft needs to keep evolving so that it can do the same for so many other people who need a reason to believe in themselves.

  10. OMFG I have such great memories, StarCraft was my life and I shared that passion with my best friends and even family members. Teared up, not gonna lie.

  11. No, GG was not started in Korea. It was started in the USA, or some other country for all I know, after children's basketball games, baseball games, hockey games when teams would pass each other and slap high five and say good game. We were saying GG after a game the day Starcraft came out. Historically Starcraft was not even the first game because we were saying GG after playing Doom or Descent or Warcraft 2 on Kali back in the mid early 90's before Starcraft even existed , it then transferred into Starcraft.

  12. I'm 30 and I've been playing SC since I was 11, I remember those days… I had a Vodoo 3 which was a great video card at that time to play SC 1. I was also the #1 solo player in the world on Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, my acc name was: NewbaS

  13. Now SC2 finals get hundreds of people. You should have just put out Starcraft Remastered as SC2 and added in 1-2 units per race and you would have been set. Instead you killed SC1 by releasing SC2 and then failed to support SC2 thinking it would just get adopted by everyone seamlessly.

  14. As a Starcraft Korean fan you guys should watch Jeon Yongjun, the game caster carefully. I know that nowadays lots, lots of casters are good and professional, but to me they can't beat this caster. He casted Starleague over 10 years, creating numbers of glorious words. His shout was so 'shouting' that could easily make our heartbeat faster, such as 'Psionic STORM!!!!!!!'.
    Well… now it was just a good old day. But I miss it so much, and I hope I can see him casting Starleague again… as a remastered Starcraft.

    And that music made me even cry..

  15. "the first real time strategy game to feature 3 races"
    Does Dune II not count? Atreides, Ordos, Harkonnen? I guess they're all human, but they still have different units.


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