Stephen A. Smith explains how the Steelers QB could derail Pittsburgh’s chances of facing the Patriots for the AFC championship.

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  1. Stephen A Smith, you are not a Steelers's fan, just cut out that nonsense because you would rather pick A Rodgers and Tom Brady over them, so please stop it, you disrespect Steeler Nation with your Rhetoric.

  2. Lol everyone's talking for weeks like steelers patriots is already confirmed. I'm not saying it's not going to happen. But I'd laugh my ass off if they both lose this weekend.

  3. Mitchell's comment was made weeks ago following their loss to the Patriots. It was the only statement published from a 30 minute interview… but hey, facts are optional in today's society.

  4. Stephen A needs to shut his bitch ass up already. He is no Pittsburgh fan, he is a cunt! Max Kellerman is a little cuck who doesn’t no anything. Molly has more balls than either one of these douche nozzles. They are both fake news like MSNBC and CNN and make up stories by taking stuff out of context.

  5. Big Ben is y the pats win. Steelers have the btr offense other than at QB. & tbh the Pats defense is btr simply becuz the Steelers have to face Brady & the Pats get to play Big Ben.

  6. whats wrong with this show? Mike mitchell came out on first things first and even said that interview was done back in December and the media chose to put it out today. Do these goofs even bother looking into what they say lmao

  7. stephen a smith ready to blame the white guy and not tomlin or the black players on defense. he might also throw todd haley in there also, but there must be a white scapegoat to run cover for his boy tomlin

  8. Maybe Big Ben said what he said just to get the wrong people overconfident at just the right time… you also talk like Jacksonville has been in this position the past several years and not the Steelers. The Jags are facing a post season seasoned Steelers team where Ben plays some of his best ball.

  9. The Jags peaked in November, but if it's close it won't matter as there's too much money a Pitt-Patriot showdown, so if the Jags keep it close the refs will screw them anyway


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