With the newest movie model of IT in theaters, it is time to have a look again at the authentic Stephen King novel and the 1990 ABC miniseries. Does the adaptation fall brief or does it float? Spoilers, after all it floats. They all float down right here…

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  1. can we just get some info on the book vs. tv series without having to listen to your bullshit marxist critique on how politically incorrect it is every two fucking minutes?…

  2. 20 hours ago I said that for part 2they should recast Seth Green and the rest of the kids of the 90s mini series to reprise their role as grown up versions of themselves if you share my oppinion like the comment or it will vanish like tears on the rain

  3. I'm offended by this new It. Today we have movies like female ghost busters so they should have made It into a full on feminazi type. A female not male. Then people could bond with truly lifelong nightmares over a female It. Go look up how many people listed It as giving them long lasting scary memories because they watched it at too young of an age. I do want to deprive young kids the joy of having a female It do that job. Sort of like Bride of Chucky. They should just model It off a real life feminazi'.

  4. I hate this movies name (well I don't hate it, I just find it annoying)
    "Have you seen IT"
    "Have, you, seen, It"
    "Wtf do you mean"
    "You know, the movie IT"
    "Are you fucking with me?"
    "What? No it's a movie the name is IT"
    "The name of the movie is IT"
    "CAN YOU PLEASE JUST TELL ME THE NA… ohh so the movies name is IT?"

  5. Well,the last "IT" was basically just Ronald's bald headed brother.
    In this "IT" the clown actually looks like something that crawled out your fucking nightmares.


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