Coming to PC and PS4 on May 9. http://strafe1996.com
Prerorder at http://strafe.devolverdigital.com or die.

STRAFE® is the quickest, bloodiest, deadliest, most adjective-abusing, motion-packed first-individual shooter of 1996. Featuring breathtaking photorealistic graphics and chronic gore that permits you to paint ranges purple with the extreme entrails of your enemies. As a Scraper on a impossibly harmful mission on the fringe of the galaxy, you solely have one life to navigate all of the nightmarish terrains of STRAFE®. When you die, nothing will ever be the identical once more.



  1. Will you release a multiplayer mode (i am not a fan of Quake Champions) and a Linux version ? Also since it's a Rogue Like a coop version to grind levels would be awesome, but please avoid DLCs.

  2. It doesn't look anything like a game from 1996. That's Quake, which looks a lot better than this retro pixel bullshit. Pixelated muzzle flashes? Seriously?

    Fuck yourself for trying to step to Quake with your procedural bullshit.

  3. An awesome throwback to epic early true 3D FPS gaming… And it's getting released on my birthday! HELL YEAH!!!

  4. Seems like it'll be fun but this minecraft looking shit isn't appealing. Please just make a video game that looks and sounds modern but plays retro.

  5. my wallet starts breaking, the ground starts shaking, my excitement is waking. and thats how you know STRAFE is coming out. LETS FUCKING GO

  6. this just doesn't look any good. really uninteresting enemies that seemingly mostly come in waves of one variety at a time, and guns that don't look fun to shoot. i'd also take carefully crafted levels over procedurally organized prefab segments anyway.

  7. these idiot devs r catering for the carebears… what a fuckin waste of time without multiplayer pvp.. i didn't play quake series or doom for the stupid fuckin story line!! quake's mp were so great that they created q3 solely on mp… pull ur heads out of ur asses & add pvp.. also allow ppl to use grappling hook. only then will i support ur stupid game!


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