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  1. Thanks for watching! I'll be streaming most of today if you want to stop by and ask any questions about the new video. You can find me here:


    This video took forever. Nier Automata was meant to be next but after playing Odyssey I decided I had enough to say about it that I should go for that next. The video was meant to be 45 minutes. You saw how that turned out.

    I realize parts of this may seem a bit excessive but it was important to prove my points. Most of what has been said about this game so far has had little evidence to support it–on the moon side of things. The movement system has had some good discussions already.

    Here are some more links. This video will likely get copyright claimed by Nintendo but that's okay. Patreon is doing well enough to support videos like this one now. And check out HeavyEyed's channel if you're looking for some more content. He's under 10k subs while I'm writing this. I hope he gets above that.





  2. There are less comments of actual pissed off Nintendo Fans, then people going “Wow MaRiO oDySsEy SuCkS bEcAuSe Of ThIs OnE vIdEo LoL NiNtEnDo FaNbOyS aRe PiSsEd!”

  3. This is my guess for how many "plant to seed" moons there are in Mario Odyssey: One for each kingdom plus maybe a bonus one. 17.

    Edit: Ahh so close! ^^

  4. What was the point of the dark souls/nioh comparison, i mean really, that was a chore to watch and ultimately served no purpose..

  5. This is my guess for how many "Plant a Seed" Moons there are in Mario Odyssey: 40
    But seriously, I understand there are plenty of filler moons, but I found enough challenge IMO for the game to be worth my time. Maybe I just suck at Mario games, but I got what I wanted out of it, you didn't, we're both entitled to our opinions.

  6. Great video! I feel like (and I hope) that Odyssey is more of a starting point for how far Nintendo can take the capture mechanic, or just using the hat for movement, in future Mario games.

  7. On Kingdom names: most people are split on how they refer to them and a lot of people tend to refer to them by their subtitles instead. Nobody calls Metro Kingdom by that title, for example. They call it New Donk. Same thing with some of the other kingdoms.

  8. I agreed with most of your points but very much enjoyed Odyssey; even more so than Breath of the Wild. The only reason I can think of as to why is that I completed the game once, unlocked the dark side and the darker side of the moon, but did not 100% it. I think I put the game down with 504 moons. If I did decide to go for 100% completion and then replay the game a second time, I believe a lot of these filler moons and little time wasters would grate on me much more like they did you.

  9. Let's not forget the numerous hint art moons that are just horrible. You look at a hint art, the moon spawns in that other world, then you go and get the moon. You can't get the moon beforehand, so even if you find the location online or find a weird location to ground pound (like the cloud kingdom), it doesn't matter. Your curiosity and meta-knowledge are both not rewarded. In fact, they're actively punished. If you look at a hint art and either don't immediately go to that kingdom or if you look at a different hint art, then the moon despawns and you have to look at the hint art again to deactivate it. There is one hint art in ever world, but multiple hint art moons in every world that are unlocked one after the other. The result of this design makes the player run back and forth between worlds just for a single moon. These are some of the worst moons in the game that echo the same abundent yet shallow content that plagues the game. I wish these offered hints to a hidden challenge room or worked toward a larger, overall mystery that brings all the hint art together in some way.

  10. This review feels unfinished to me. You only talk about the gameplay and half of the video is focused on how collecting moons is tedious. Something feels missing here. I still appreciate when a reviewer isn’t all “WOW 10/10 GOTY” for a game.

  11. Sunshine gives people blue coins, and they complain because they're just tenths of shine sprites. Galaxy gives people 1-ups, and they complain because they already have enough useless 1-ups. And Odyssey gives people moons for everything, and they complain because they're getting too many moons. So what's the solution? Design 880 unique platforming challenges to gate each of them behind? There probably aren't 880 unique platforming challenges in all the levels created in Super Mario Maker.

  12. No matter how great your points are, one thing ruins it all.
    It might just be me, but through the entirety of this game I had fun.

  13. I won't lie I'm mainly drunk on the movement of Odyssey so seeing this review focused on moons does show the flaws on their choices. I do disagree with your reaction to a moon out in the open though. Those can be fun if done right as they can be a great lure and puzzle in how to get to them allowing for a variety of options to the players instead of linear puzzle platform. I also feel you were over critical at times and cynical but that's better than treating this game as the example of perfection. In the end though it feels like a great Mario game to me and a celebration for Mario. Well made video and definitely needed though so Nintendo knows to lessen the moons cause this feels like a step to a completely new style of 3d Mario and if everyone keeps going 10/10 then those flaws would carry over.

  14. I think a lot of people who have gripes with this review are probably about how the Moons he found tedious, you didn't. Tedium is subjective, and some people will notice it for some things while others think it's fun. Some people love farming the same map for hours a day in Path of Exile, while others would think you're delusional. I don't think it's at ALL unreasonable to ask for a game that's about platforming and has multiple moves to allow you to move around in various ways to have at least a small chunk of moons be challenging gauntlets, especially when out of the rounded up 1000 Moons in the game, you only need half of them for the true ending. I think the point here is that a decent majority of the game's moons are just given to you for no reason. Constantly being reminded that you're doing a good job and what you're supposed to be doing gets annoying immediately. I don't mind repeated challenges, but some of the Moons are essentially just reminding you of a game feature and then giving you a Moon for it.

    Imagine playing a Pokemon game with 100 badges, and while there are still 8 that are gotten the old fashioned way, and the rest are just given to you for random things, and some even being purchasable. You'd need at least 50 to beat the game. This is basically what Odyssey does. It's still enjoyable, and the game is still fun, but it's filled with an unnecessary amount of "busy work" if you can even call it that that exists for no reason.

  15. I have to agree with you. I've been sort of teased because Mario oddessey was kind of boring. there was no real challenge to it, and it felt underwhelming. Great video!


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