Watch how the Syrian civil warfare turned the mess it is at present.

After four-plus years of fighting, Syria’s warfare has killed at the least a whole bunch of 1000’s of individuals and displaced tens of millions. And, although it began as a civil warfare, it is change into way more than that. It’s a proxy warfare that has divided a lot of the Middle East, and has drawn in each Russia and the United States. To perceive how Syria received to this place, it helps to start out at first and watch it unfold:

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  1. i'm so done with humanity right now. in 2017, there's supposed to be world peace but now people are creating more and more problems!!! it's so frustrating and i wish i could do something about it!!!

  2. well if US battled Daesh by supporting the Iraqi-Syrian Kurdistan. with EU/UN putting pressure on Turkey. US warning Arabian Peninsula that if they don't comply we will withdraw our Troops and Arms supply for Arabian security.

    We would NOT been in this mess.

  3. What a great, informative video. So interesting to see the United States role in this, and I actually didn't know this is how ISIS started. Fascinating.

  4. So by supporting the rebels, like the U.S has, we have funded groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda? Or am I missing something? Clarification would be great.

  5. Such a complex war. To be honest it was a very well put together video covering a lot of main points in the timeline. One thing I feel it's missing is promise, and eventual failure to destroy Syrian chemical weapons by America, Russia and the Syrian government.

  6. So within2 days the USA had definitive proof that Assad used CW, presented it to the UN and the senate and got approval for the strike? Thought not, proof of US terrorism.

  7. yeah you missed the part where the 300 million dollar US trained army broke apart 2 months later and half of them joined ISIS

  8. So, Trump said he didn't want to fight in Syria, and then turned around and fired missiles at them? I just hesitate to think what's going to happen when he finally admits the Mexicans aren't paying for the wall.

  9. This video needs to viral , it's important to have a understanding how the dark forces pull strings to fight a third party country into war on a never ending power war

  10. So what is Putin so interested in over in Syria? Why does Trump suddenly care? Trumpo of course probably feels this will make him look good and bring his approval ratings up with all his phony caring that he has suddenly develped. However something else is going on that is very false flag verrry fishy.

  11. 13 seconds in and you've already made a mistake.turkey supports isis don't you know that terrorists stick together?

  12. United Nations, the so called global forum to discuss these issues few days back equivocally took a vow to conduct a free and independent investigation on the Chemical Attack. But, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, unilaterally without the investigation running to a conclusion strike SYRIA with it's MISSILES! So, what right does USA have to strike a sovereign country without PROOF or WITHOUT PERMISSION of the United Nations Security Council?

    Let me remind you, USA too had claimed IRAQ has WMDs and till date they couldn't even gather a single proof to prove it. So, before claiming blatantly that ASSAD used chemical weapons why not consider the other way? ISIS used chemical attacks to blame ASSAD and forcing US to take action? Chemical Attack is a false-flag event only three years back SYRIA opened it's chemical weapon systems to UN and since then destroyed them.

    This UNILATERAL ATTACK BY USA may led to one of the chain of events leading into a WW3. People Wake Up, before it's too late!

  13. This conflict has too many sides, it's hard not to get involved with all the alliances and connections we have in this part of the world but staying out of his conflict would've been ideal if that weren't the case

  14. See? powerful states sponsor the rebels.

    The recent attack was to undermine Assad's government.
    I don't understand why he would use chemical weapons against his people when he this time has the leverage to his opponents, having talks with the opposition and knowing that the world is watching Syria. he would gain nothing about it.
    However, If Assad really did it, it only means he is mad and dumb to do such attack.

  15. Trump cares enough about the child victims of Assad to bomb Assad but not enough to let children into this country.

  16. there is no proof that Syria the government used chemical weapons against its people and there's no reason for them to use chemical weapons against their people they use it against their enemies the people aren't their enemy they bombed a storehouse with chemical weapons in it I can't believe that you're disinformation you're going to go down the tubes dude like CNN and the other ones


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