These days, it looks as if day-after-day brings a crazier pizza to our Instagram feed—from taco-topped pies, to $2,000 pizzas topped with gold leaf and caviar. To learn how far is just too far in terms of viral meals, Sean Evans heads to Best Pizza in Williamsburg for a taste-test of a few of New York’s wildest pies with The Pizza Show’s Frank Pinello. Here’s the lineup:

Taco Taco Taco Pizza – Tony Boloney’s
Pizza Box Pizza – Vinnie’s Pizzeria
The Love at First Sight – Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery
Super Slice – Pizza Barn
24 Karat Gold Pizza – Industry Kitchen

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  1. I would definitely try the taco pizza.I'd probably take the tacos off then eat them separately from the pizza.

  2. Damn, ever since the first episode I watched of Sean in the Wild I hoped to see an episode with Sean and Pinello. This was great, hahaha

  3. I love that Frank Pinello guy. He seems like a chill dude who just happens to be a pizza wizard. He's also a good interviewer on his own show on Munchies, cool to see him and Sean together.

  4. Austin Augie just did a clog where he invented a new taco pizza at Tony Baloneys, it's called Augies AA Dicey Pie or something like that

  5. Frank is awesome. I used to work with a guy who was as passionate about pizza as him and he's got his own place now

  6. Totally lit fam. Keep making shit!! Don't go main stream, make your own show online and not only make your own show but continue to create different viewing experiences and you'll make it main stream in a better way than you would selling out now!! #Wisdomfromastranger

  7. I prefer the thumbs up/down/middle ratings over what has been done in previous videos, fuck 4 and 3/4 stars and shit.

  8. Has Complex or First We Feast been bought by VICE or something? (wouldn't be the worst thing just starting to wonder.)

  9. literally none of those east coast pizzas looked good tons of pizza spots here in l.a that blow all that shit away


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