Raw video: Louisiana woman led away in handcuffs after speaking out at Vermilion Parish School Board meeting after questioning the members and its superintendent about his raise.



  1. We pay their salaries so they can do this kind of shit. It looked like a peaceful protest to me. The first amendment is under attack!!!! Wake up everbody!!!!

  2. Absolutely disgusting!! People like him need to resign or be terminated. He's been there too long, he doesn't care for the kids or the teachers. Shame on him!!

  3. Unbelievable!!! This is just another Democratic school board Nazi shitheels that think they can abuse people who ask legitimate questions. I lived in Alexandria La for over 2years. Thank God My kids went to school at England Air Force Base. It was hard enough to deal with the thieving locals that hated most of the Air Force base personnel. I spent as little money as possible in the local economy and kept applying for a transfer each year. I finally was transferred to Britain for a five-year tour, which I extended until retirement. Fuck Louisiana

  4. So he is a black and she has s white …….he is a fucken racist POS a bigger cop he is with black life matter that’s why he treated that white teacher like that

  5. its always in the red conservative states.
    only the low functioning vote to cut taxes and then are shocked to discover that it is their lives that are negatively impacted.
    pity the children of the conservative.
    conservatism is a violent, often deadly, mental illness.

  6. Why didn't anybody start hurling chairs at the school board?!? And you wonder why your kids are dumb as a f*cking ice cube.

  7. I like how the board sits up on those chairs as though high and mighty figures of society, meanwhile, escorting out members of the public who disagree with the actions they self-righteously dictate with complete self unanimity. These same despicable laughable's wonder why people do not trust government, and like myself, continue to buy assault rifles and ammunition… I assure you, Dr. Self-Love, I do it because of people like you who occupy positions of power and directly threaten my freedom and safety.

  8. The police officer was doing his job, however it was an abuse of power

    The topic was not up for discussion or debate. When he had to hit the gavel on the table it was to bring in order. When she insisted on challenging his authority and demanding answers she was taken out for disorderly conduct.

  9. No wonder people shoot cops and I smile everytime one gets their face blown off… Your time's up pigs it's coming going to be more ambushes on you daily call nine-one-one and step out with an AK on your motherfucking ass


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