UPDATE: Quick correction! Viewers have rightly identified Tekken 7 does certainly have a movement blur toggle on PC, hidden within the show menu, fairly than graphics settings.

Everything you should find out about Tekken 7 and the way the Unreal Engine is deployed throughout all variations!

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  1. PS4 Pro like the PS4 is underpowered from the start, just wait 2 years and you will see PC light years ahead

  2. it's a fighting game so I'm not to attach at the graphics quality, cause the more important is the gameplay is fun!! more way to fan than Dead or Alive series….hope Harada consider bout The Soulcalibur franchise

  3. What is with the modern Tekkens and their overly zoomed in camera. I don't need the fighters so big on screen that the life bar covers their head. Its ridiculous.

  4. too much spoil of the hardware to make a game that looks no better than other similar fighting games. A bit more effort to make optimal use of resources would be better

  5. I noticed that my Xbox One version felt like it was missing something. I don't have a PS4 but perhaps getting one will be inevitable now.

  6. How Ironic in the scene he's talking about from best to worst it says. Xbox One…DIE!! lol. Shameful. ha ;o)

  7. Why is the game capped at 60fps on pc? Is this to prevent screen tearing or is this to hide the fact that the game might be badly optimized and might not get many fps even on a 1070 or 1080?

  8. Excellent analysis. I enjoy that you actually discuss the comparison now that have us scratch our heads about it. Very informative.

  9. Harada stepped on the ball, ugly! So many subjects promising an AAA product, but in the end his laziness spoke louder. Unreal engine, be it 3 or 4, can be well optimized if the producer knows how to do it. In the Havok tekken era, the parity was much better and even 360 and ps3, had a very good graphics. The worst part of everything and that several times he promised and promised … and in the end the result is well below expectations, and on consoles already running games with the same graphics engine. If Blizzard, Capcom, Arcsys, The Coalition and others managed to use it and deliver a good performance on the consoles, it was because they had a greater whim in the product. Show a deformed grid in Pro or the reduced version of what was the PC version, does not save Harada's skin.

  10. wow the xbone version looks like garbage…. then again this is the same console that has the worst looking fighting game of all time on it that horrible killer instinct reboot so not shocked.

  11. The Xbox One is proof that morons exist … how can people buy something that is more expensive and less powerful than it's competitor is beyond me.

  12. This game had its settings tweaked for ech platform, but that is far from being optimized.
    After seeing MK8 running @ 1080p60 on a switch (docked), I find it hard to justify anything lower on machines with more power, specially in a fighting game where the load isn't as variable as in an open world game. I'm pretty sure that with good optimization, the switch could run something like tag tournament 2 + much better textures, @1080p60.
    Regarding the more powerful consoles, all of them are capable of more.
    On optimized games, from a gpu point of view I'd expect these equivalences VS PC: Switch (docked)= geforce 920MX, Xbone= HD 6870 2GB ; Xbone S= GTX 560ti 2GB ; PS4= gtx 950 2GB ; PS4 PRO= GTX 780ti 3GB ; Scorpio= GTX 980ti "4GB".

  13. This game comes off as just badly optimized. Tekken 7 looks good, but how is it only running at 900p on PS4 when a game like Injustice 2 (a far, far more demanding game graphically) can do 1080p and 60fps with any problem?

  14. for the price of these consoles cmon guys stop crying. i love my ps4. who wants to spend 700$ on a pc? not me.


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