Sichon (สิชล) is a tremendous seaside coastal village in Thailand!
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Sichon (สิชล), Thailand – This is one of these pristine seaside villages, that just about unseen Thailand, and what I cherished a lot about it was that it’s virtually utterly non-commercialized.

Ok, so my spouse and I have been spending a while in Nakhon Si Thammart, southern Thailand, visiting household. Nakhon Si Thammart occurs to be one of my favourite provinces in Thailand for Thai meals, recognized for being spicy and harsh, and you’ll discover some wonderful delicacies.

One day, we drove over to the tiny seaside neighborhood village of Sichon (สิชล), I had heard a few small native fish market, and I used to be excited to test it out. We arrived at about eight am, and it was one of these place the place I acquired so excited as a result of it was image good. But then I noticed all of the empty trays of fish and I believed I had arrived too late as a result of all of the fish have been gone. Luckily, an Aunty defined that the fishing boats hadn’t but arrived, to my reduction.

The fish market itself was lovely, stuffed with pleasant individuals, small scrumptious Thai road meals snacks, and surroundings to dream about. We had some patongko (ปาท่องโก๋) – 10 THB ($zero.28), Chinese doughnuts and Khanom krok (ขนมครก) – 20 THB ($zero.58), coconut griddle desserts, for breakfast, as we waited for the boats to return in.

Unfortunately the catch in Sichon (สิชล) as we speak wasn’t the very best, they have been principally small fish and nothing too thrilling. But I did discover an Aunty promoting some eels, and that caught my consideration. The subsequent factor , I used to be on the again of her motorcycle, and we went again to her home to cook dinner spicy chili eel (ผัดเผ็ดปลาไหล). It was actually a tremendous expertise seeing her cook dinner the eel at her dwelling in the village countryside.

For the remainder of the morning we drove round Sichon, having fun with the gorgeous seaside coastal surroundings and discovering a couple of attention-grabbing issues alongside the best way. They don’t actually have many eating places to select from, so lastly we discovered a small Halal eater on the aspect of the seaside and went for it. Again, the Aunty’s have been extraordinarily pleasant, and we ordered a couple of easy Thai dishes to eat together with the eel.

Sichon (สิชล) is a real off the crushed path vacation spot in Thailand, and what I cherished a lot about it’s that it’s so non-commercialized, peaceable and quiet, and the individuals in the neighborhood are so pleasant and hospitable. It’s one of essentially the most memorable locations I’ve traveled in Thailand in a very long time!

Sichon (สิชล), Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand

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  1. Mark, no matter how full I'm from my meal I can always whack some more every time you lean to your right! You just make everything taste good. Looking fwd to visit Thailand again.

  2. ขนมครกแบบแคะทีละอัน ดีจัง กรุงเทพไม่เหลือแล้ว

  3. Hehe I was kinda wanting to see you attempt that coconut ??
    What other skills have you adapted to since living in Thailand?

    I live here in Australia, for the most I have lived a normal childhood, sports, hobbies, school, studying. Many Aussies with no ethnicity would relate to this as the "normal" — what I love to identify with is my Filipino-half (half Aussie/Pinoy) Mum used to make her own grated coconut & coconut oil and save the water too! For cooking, sweet or savoury dishes, or using the oil for scalp treatments and save the water to make a refreshing filo beverage. But what stood out was the fine grater that was attached to a small wooden stool that we would collect the grated coconut wit a large stainless steel bowl.
    I realised that wasn't the normal things kids in Oz do…I love that I inherited doing this!

    …20years later and coconut oil is the hype for everything! ?

  4. that place is a real gem-gorgeous quiet beach-..fresh seafoods..friendly people!
    ..wow! u're jz BLESSED markie..i pray for such freedom to see such GOD's CREATION! ???????

  5. Hi Mark! Sichon is always be my favorite place on Earth!! I recommend you to go windsurf with Palm at Sichon Cabana beach resort and of course people are so nice and friendly 🙂

  6. I so enjoy your video's of all your trips; it's almost like being there with you. Sure would like to taste some of the dishes! You sure can stand all the hot stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ricky Ricardo:  I could not believe it…What the hell"  This could have been a whole different vlog – "….News reporter:  In the search of the missing famous food blogger Mark Wiens, his camera was found severely damaged. Only a small part of his video could be retrieved and it shows Mark's last location… Smiling from ear to ear, on the back of a scooter being driven by a complete stranger, to an unknown Final Destination (It's not just a series of movies! It's real life).  The woman has now  been identified as "Auntie".  Be on the lookout for not only this Auntie but all Aunties trying to lure you to their homes with the promise of cooking authentic Thai seafood dishes.  We believe Mr. Wiens was not able to resist the offer of a Thai Eel dish LOADED with spicy chili peppers. Updates will be updated upon the new changes of update at later update.  *Cheryl*

  8. I've been loving the food here in China. I've gotta get to Thailand though. haven't been there in a couple of years now.

  9. Awesome video Mark, makes me want to rent a car and go off the beaten tracks the next time i visit thailand. What a scenery!

  10. Unspoiled paradise!? makes you want to move there, just get a boat for fishing, a pet coconut picking monkey, a small grass hut and a pretty local gal and your all set…??? Living the Dream?

  11. Mark I miss your mother in laws cooking videos!
    Also this was a very warm video because of all those friendly people. ????

  12. food is so amazingly delicious looking and cheap…would love to have a shack and retire there on that gorgeous beach…

  13. Fantastic vid Mark, those people look so friendly and must be to take you in like that, i could eat a bowl of those eels right now. As always keep it spicy…

  14. 3:50 weird facial expression dude.. it's just cooked coconut milk lol.. it ain't that great lmao to make those face orgasms.. freaky.. if you get this happy with milk then your facial expression when you bust a nut in your girl is murderous. freaky naughty

  15. Mark , you definitely make me feel like i need to come home to thailand with all of your thai food videos… this one was the best, my family used to vacation on beaches like this.. i dont remember if it was sichon or not.. but i still have the pictures 🙂 it was very nostalgic.. thank you again for sharing your food adventures with us.. give Mica a hug for my wife she thinks he is adorable!

  16. Love the visit to a rural village! Very cool, thanks for sharing! Watched this with my kids. They said they woulf the rice, but not the eel. ?

  17. Steps to becoming Mark:
    everytime tot eat something:
    1. close your eyes
    2. chew excessively
    3. widen your eyes.
    4.tilt head
    5. nod yes and no


  18. Wow, Mark! This is awesome! This video got me all excited. I have never experience cool wet market like that by the beach. This is going to my bucket list. Keep producing great travel and food videos!


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