If you want something done slowly, expensively and possibly very well, you go to the British. While Britain created the immortal Spitfire, Lancaster and Edgley Optica, it also created a wealth of dangerous, disgraceful and diabolical designs. These are just ten plucked from a shortlist of thirty. In defining ‘worst’- we’ve looked for one, or a combination, of the following: design flaws, conceptual mistakes, being extremely dangerous, being unpleasant to fly, or obsolete at the point of service entry (and the type must have entered service). Grab a cup of tea, and prepare for ire as you read about ten machines they wanted your dad, grandad or great grandad to fly to war. I’d love to hear your opinions below. The original article can be found here: https://hushkit.net/2016/03/02/the-ten-worst-british-military-aircraft/ This channel is here as part of hushkit.net, the alternative aviation blog. You can follow our mad ramblings on Twitter @Hush_Kit



  1. These videos bring the articles to life. Loved it. Although the music does overpower the narration at times.

    I look forward to more of these. 😀

  2. This video is utter shit, unengaged commentator, piss porr editing, no graphs portraying the statistics, no way that anyone is going to sit through this abysmal piece of dog shit

  3. Geoffrey De Havilland founder of the De Havilland aircraft company once famously said while talking about the Mosquito, "If it looks right it probably is right." While looking at the designs of these planes none of them could be said to look right, too short, slab-sided with all sorts of lumps and bumps on them. The Blackburn company in particular seems to be a big offender on this list, the Beverly, Botha and Roc are all from this company.

  4. The Beverley was not designed by Blackburn, it was taken over by them and was actually a very good aircraft for landing on short airfields and substandard airfields. It had an excellent reliability record. They were at RAF Dishforth when I was young and a friend's father was a pilot. He said he was very fond of the beast.

  5. Loved the video, but it's nothing short of criminal that some young men were sent to war in these terrible machines.
    U have one more subscriber!

  6. Whilst I did enjoy the vid I do have a few nitpicks:

    The Scimitar was inferior tot he Buccaneer primarily due tot he fact that the Buccaneer was the Scimitars replacement designed some years latter… I'd be concerned if the Bucc wasn't the better aircraft. I'd also point out that the loss of Cmdr Russell when embarking on Victorious was entirely down to the ships equipment being improperly rigged, the aircraft itself performed as intended.

    The Sea Vixen really isn't comparable with the Crusader, sure the Crusader is the better fighter.. in fair weather… At night and or in poor weather the Sea Vixen was still viable, the F-8 not so much. The loss rate for the Vixen also isn't actually abnormally high for the timeframe, its safety record wasn't stellar but there are far worse examples available.

    The apparent shortcomings of both the Sea Vixen and the Scimitar can in large part be put down to political delays, that doesn't make them bad aircraft – had they been delivered to their original intended timescales they would have been revolutionary.

    The Tornado F.2 was really just a pre-production model put into service more as a glorified conversion trainer than anything else, with that in mind it can be forgiven some of its shortcomings latter redressed in the F.3

    Bonus factoid – the Javelin is likely the only aircraft in history to slow down when re-heat is engaged… There was min altitude requirement below which there was actually a drop in overall thrust when engaged, something to do with te pumps . I also seem to remember something about the added weight of fuel in the slipper tanks combined with increased drag resulted in reduced range over a clean airframe…

    Lastly – how did the Swift manage to stay off of the list?

  7. And Hush Kit is an aeronautical design engineer and a veritable genius is he? Criticism and the benefit of hindsight do nothing more than showing this geezer up as a Wikipedia surfing smart arse.

  8. For balance you should also produce a video of bad planes made by other nations. The French, Germans, Italians and the US have all made their share of clunkers and death traps – some a lot worse than what is shown here.

  9. For number one, how do you turn a plane right and then go left? That is some weird ass crap. Even the F-82 Twin Mustang looked better…

  10. I would add the Blackburn Skua, the Supermarine Attacker, and the Short Seamew, but remove the Sea Vixen. It was flawed, yes, but not that bad. BTW, what about designs that should have been built? I would say: Martin-Baker MB.5; Avro Arrow; TSR.2; B-70; IAI Lavi; MiG 1.44; F-107 (just for the looks!); that US/Israeli Mach 3 F-4; SR.177

  11. 1 – Anyone can sneer – what did he ever design or build? Where are his contributions to any industry at all?
    2 – Would he like to do a 10 worst US types? Start with Buffalo, B17 mark C which supplied to UK killed lots of RAF personnel – not like B17 mark G which incorporated all the lessons the RAF learnt so dearly, F104, F111, look for such US nicknames as "Widowmaker" and "Hangar queen".
    3 – Would he like to explore the influence of the British government, who couldn't specify a P-up in a brewery?
    4 – And how the 1960s labour government's IMF loans put us in the hands of the US, who demanded the purchase of F111's and Hercules, whence "Goodby TSR-2 and Short Belfast"?
    Too much knocking of the British. An international and worse still domestic passtime.

  12. I am sure Squire will refute this, YEEEEEES.
    When you think slow British planes, you must start with the Fairy Swordfish, the most successful warplane ever. It's only shortcoming was the rather inadequate hot water kettle which often produced insufficiently heated tea.

  13. Having seen one crash I'm thinking the Edgley Optica had one of the criteria: design flaws, conceptual mistakes, being extremely dangerous, being unpleasant to fly.

  14. Yes you would have to go to Africa and India and South America to find countries as incompetent as Britain today , a shambles of a nation , a failed Socialist state where the people still believe  that money comes from heaven to be spent anything and everything that helps then avoid the hard yards in life so they can drink gross amounts of warm beer and watch soccer and play darts anything other than these pursuits freaks them out so they invent politicians like Corbyn to warn the economic establishment to not get any bright ideas about making them work and be disciplined like the dreaded Hun .


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