Man in opposition to machine.
The unbelievably quick KUKA robotic faces off in opposition to top-of-the-line desk tennis gamers of all time. Who has one of the best method? Who will win the primary ever desk tennis duel of human versus robotic?
Watch this thrilling industrial of desk tennis and robotics carried out on the highest stage. The KUKA KR AGILUS demonstrates its abilities with the desk tennis racket – a sensible imaginative and prescient of what robots might be able to sooner or later.
Timo Boll, the German desk tennis star, is the brand new model ambassador for KUKA Robotics in China. The collaboration celebrates the inherent velocity, precision, and adaptability of KUKA’s industrial robots in tandem with Boll’s electrifying and tactical prowess in competitors. To rejoice the brand new KUKA Robotics manufacturing unit in Shanghai, the thrilling video was a spotlight of the Grand Opening on March 11th, 2014. The 20,000 sq. meter house will produce the KR QUANTEC sequence robotic in addition to the KRC4 common controller for the Asian market. As a market chief in China, KUKA goals to additional develop automation within the nation whereas offering a contemporary and employee-friendly working surroundings.
More: www.kuka-timoboll.com
music manufacturing: Lost in Music; composer: Matthias Neuhauser; soundmix: Robert MIller c.o. m-sound



  1. As others have commented, we don't need the extra drama distracting us. Clearly the arm is responsive and impressive.
    This isn't a fair competition ANYWAY, because it's only a robotic arm, where as the guy can move his entire body increasing his range. If the arm could at least move side to side on a track of some sort, it would clearly have won….. and would continue to win long after the human has exhausted.

    In fact, The arm wins AS IS, when you start adding up the games. The human may win a few games with this unfair range advantage, but the arm can play thousands of times, sequentially, with no loss in skill. The human is only good for maybe 10 or so games. The robot just keeps going, and going, and going……

  2. All the people who are saying that this is fake are also probably blaming red bull for not giving them the wings as the COMMERCIAL states.

  3. When you have the best idea in the world but you have autism, so this happens. No body wants to see a badly staged video. We want the real footage!

  4. "a realistic vision of what robots can be capable of in the future." if people accept such descriptions well sorry i gonna put my 5 cents on it. the ball moves unlogically/unrealistic. well you can fool "some" people but you cant fool physics. btw its a easy win against this bot, play short or wide angle, cuz the bot nearly reaches the half of its side. the nunchaku ping pong video of nokia was more professionally made in my opinion, seemed more realistic.

  5. Ugh, would have been infinitely better without the crappy acting/drama. Provide the raw video of an actual match. The robot itself is an impressive feat of engineering but the acting cheapens the match and I don't believe the robot can actually compete anymore because of it.

  6. Thanks to the focus on production instead of what it promised, the video lacks context and scale, rendering it unwatchable.

  7. awesome subject, wish i could see it. there is so much garbage with the video and editing i can't tell whats happening.


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