The mind-blowingly bizarre journey of popular 1960s band The Zombies might literally be the most ’60s thing you’ll hear about in your life, complete with a twist ending of who they eventually ended up becoming.


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  1. Interesting video. Btw to all you cracked fans… don't share comedy gems or ideas on their forum @ cracked.com because if you are not good at articulating they will steal your ideas and make them their own with the justification that unlike you "they can write" #thanx4youridea

  2. You could do it today without disguises and play in different cities at the same time: you recruit like 100 band members to be in a band called Zombies and they play the music made up by the different members at different times. All these people are Zombies and there's no 'main'group!
    Some people might get together and try to say they are also Zombies but the main manager will verify if they are our not.
    Or, anybody can be Zombies.

  3. The irony is that ZZ Top would be the easiest band in the works to impersonate, but even though they're not in the limelight any more I imagine they're shows are followed by hardcore fans who would know the difference. You'd also have to ensure that no one records your performance for YouTube because then you blow the lid off of everything.


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