We’re anticipating to search out out the Government’s place on the Ireland border this week.

The Sunday Telegraph experiences that a type of proposals will contain providing free motion out and in of the UK to Irish residents – a so-called “Schengen space” between the 2 international locations.

But how would the adjustments have an effect on these residing on the border? Sky’s Ireland correspondent David Blevins has been discovering out.

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  1. Border has to happen. Northern Ireland protectorate will do nothing to prevent illegal immigration into the 26 counties while neo-Marxist Sinn Féin is wedded to open borders for 'refugees' and low skilled non-EU nationals.

  2. After Brexit there will be no Irish border, because Ireland will soon be a united Island. A few false flags will initiate collective security under the EU to erase the border.

  3. Well I would say that after Brexit that there's a difference and a reason that all happened and a wall is to protect those that want it should have it

  4. what boarder,, the one the satanic crown created to divided this island up so they could totally take it over by stealth,, we the people of this island are coming together and realizing its the Crown who is the enemy of all of us and we will remove every last bit of the satanic british empire from this island ,,

  5. If the UK leaves the single market, its the EU law that requires the checks., Not the UK.

    So I say to Irish people stop bothering the UK and stop seeing them as the problem going forward, We are where we are, its not going to go back, Make the EU sort this out, that is where your energy should be directed. that is the only Group that May not make compromises, Ireland will have to obey the EU, the UK does not and will not!


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