We’re taking a little break from the Key of Awesome. This is not a joke, but this is a funny video that you should watch. We love you all, and we thank you for your continued support since 2007! “And in case we don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”
Mark, and the entire “Team of Awesome.”

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Written by Mark Douglas and Doug Larsen
Directed by Mark Douglas and Doug Larsen
Edited by Doug Larsen
Shot by Bob Geile
Producer – Lisa Solimeo
Art Direction – Cara Alpert
Hair and Makeup – Lauren Citera

Music Produced by Anthony Gallindo
sung by Mark Douglas
background vocals by Cara Samantha

Mark Douglas
Frank D. Wolfe
Laura McDonald
Reggae Shark
Derek DeAngelis
Mike Brown
Anastasia Douglas
Beth Hoyt
Ryan Russell
Justin Brown
Greg Murtha
Courtney Ortiz
Jason Michael Miller
Matt Guidice
Jan Uczkowski
Andrea Feczko
Mike Birch
Bricken Sparacino
Travis Flores
Lauren Franchesca
Andy Zou
Rachel McPhee
Paige Grimard
Laura MacDonald
Kelly Aston
Madeline Morrell
Anthony Devito
Glenn the Shark
Pinot the Chef
Doug Larsen
Cara Alpert
Lisa Solimeo
Todd Womack
Bobbi Jo Kitchen
Sonja Wajih
Monroe Robertson
Statler and Waldorf
President Barack Obama
Rivers Cuomo
Amber Lee Ettinger
Abbi Crutchfield
Kevin Rivera
Geisha Montes
Kevin Lieber
Voltaire Wade Greene
Noah Gouldsmith
Niguel Quinn
Eric R. Williams
Joshua Spencer Boone

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  1. Aw, shit, YouTube won't be the same without you :/
    But I get it, take the time and space you need, just please try returning after a while? Love ya!

  2. The saddest thing is I have been here since 2007 and seen every video. I do hope that even if we have to wait a month we see something new. You are loved and will be missed. I am now going to go from the first to the last video until I'm done. Just to bring back a few memories. 🙂 Have a good one!

  3. Wait, Mark is going so now the whole koa is gone?! Damn you Mark! Real nice pulling a Yoko on us 😛 Wish you and the whole koa family the best! And I will still hold on to a little bit of hope that you'll make an awesome video once in a while. <3

  4. I honestly don’t know what to say, I feel like I could write so much but I can’t. I’m glad you’re taking a break so you get better, but I’m sad you’re leaving, thank you for everything.

  5. Oh my days!! I have been a massive fan since acidentallly coming across these guys. In a sidestreet bar at 4am in Barcelona the barman had the videos playing non – stop (an Adele parody was my introduction) I got back to the apartment and spend a good few hours watching the back catalogue keeping the other half awake cus I was in hysterics laughing!!! Hope it's a temporary hiatus as you will be missed. Take care xx

  6. This makes me genuinely sad but totally get it.  Been kind of expecting this for a while.  Mark, you didn't seem "yourself" lately.  I have cried laughing at your videos.  Love your irreverence, your turn of phrase, how you puncture the pomposity.  Never fail to be impressed by your actual real musical talent.  We have a singer here in Ireland called Christy Moore and there's a line in one of his songs that says, "Everyone needs a break, to climb a mountain or jump in a lake."  Go climb your mountain, jump in your lake, and then come back and take the piss out of it in song! Live long and prosper. Mwah mwah!!

  7. You will be missed. I still watch some of the old videos when I'm feeling down and need a quick laugh. Sorry to see you go but I get it.

  8. Fav Video! Chad Vader & Obama Girl Gets Freaky! Good shit! Thanks for every laugh! FAREWELLLLLLL………..(don't leave)…. So Lonnnng……….. (please)…. Adeux…………(????)……….

  9. I can’t cope, all my fave YouTubers are slowly fading away, I respect KOAs decision and any other YouTuber going through the same thing. I kinda want to be mad with YouTube itself but at the same time I can’t as I wouldn’t have ever seen KOA and others. But still I hope YouTube have noticed this is happening a lot, and maybe they can come up with something to help. Good luck Mark and KOA team past and present, thank you for the laughs.
    I will say this, every time lady Gagas Telephone is on the radio I still sing the KOA version lol.

  10. I thought this was total click bait at first! Can’t believe it! Myself & my brother have always watched the key of awesome & we replay loads about once a year. I hope you come back to it!!

  11. this honestly makes me so sad, but mad respect to you and i wish you the best! i hope to see your return when you're feeling all better 🙂


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