// This video contains footage of all four divine beasts, the final area of the game, and the dungeon from the downloadable content //

19 months, 16 games, 13 videos, and 130 dungeons later, and we finally finish our breakdown of the dungeons in the Zelda series, by looking at 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Get maps, graphs, notes, and more in this Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0arnq2gf89e8hem/AAAJYLhV8VT7o4meCTa-hRdVa?dl=0

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  1. Excellent work! I was looking forward to this final conclusion of Boss Keys. I'm really happy to hear you have plans for a 2nd season. If you are looking for games to analyze, I can recommend the GOLDEN SUN series. I think you'll find these games interesting because they are one of the few games that have Zelda levels of intricacy when it comes to dungeon design and puzzle solving. Maybe it's the only RPG series to actually have puzzle solving.

  2. Great work as always! Sad to see the end of season 1 but endlessly excited to see whats to come. Thanks for putting in the countless hours of work to provide us this excellent content.

  3. I could not agree more with you. The Devine beasts were great, but sadly way to short and easy. I mean sure the franchise wanted to try something new, but a little bit more challenging and longer or even more and stronger guardians would have been better

    But nah, this was cool! I came in towards the end, but this seemed like a great journey ro have been a part of. Excited for season 2!
    I was also wondering if you had any plans to add to the series whenever a new zelda game comes out?

  5. This has been an amazing journey, thank you for this. What a great series of game design!

    Now, please, PLEASE! do a series on how the Soulsbourne games build their world. They are, in many ways, a more "mature" zelda-like games, and the way they build their worlds, and how you go around them, is very reminiscent of zelda dungeons.

  6. God damn it, Mark Brown. Seeing Samus with Phendrana Drifts OST playing in the background almost gave me a heart attack. If you decide to talk about the world's greatest fps adventure trilogy, I'm gonna have to write out my will because I shall die from excitement.

  7. Awesome video! After all the love you showed for BotW’s open world, I was a little concerned that this Boss Keys would be a bit biased – clearly I underestimated you XD
    Looking forward to more!

  8. The dungeon designs in BOTW is one of many reasons why I didn't enjoy this game as much compared to other Zelda games. To me Zelda has always been about story, puzzles and boss battles. In BOTW they wanted to focus a lot on freedom witch I don't mind, just why would you scrap one of the most fun parts of a zelda game?


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