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  1. I've never seen any of your content before but your weird : 0 face in the thumbnail was just so… odd…. that i had to click to figure out if that was your actual race or a mask or some kind or surgery gone bad. It looks like an old mans mouth on a younger mans face or something, idk.

  2. Success comment.  Don't let others dictate what success is for you.  You are the only one the lives your life.  Live life for you and the ones you love and do the things that make you happy.  If you try to be successful based on what society says success looks like you will probably be fairly unhappy.  Live life to the fullest with the ones you love and try to show love to anyone you come in contact with.  Your doing great, keep it up.  Lots of fun to watch.  I love you your passion for life.

  3. Your desire for a simpler life keeps reoccurring in recent videos.
    Perhaps your need to vlog and feed all forms of social media should be reduced or curtained all together.

  4. You should learn how to fly a plane. That would be an awesome adventure and I would love to see it. Also you could travel around Europe in your own plane! I'm thinking about a turboprop for example?!

  5. Hi Jon, I´ve been watching your videos now and then during 2017 and I have to say, I find them really good. I miss one thing though. With all the travelling and developing stuff I dont think I ever heard you meantioning something about the environment? You are out there enyoing the environment in different ways, but do you also do something to give back to the environment? And with Douchebags, did you ever think about the sustainability question when producing them?

  6. More of these business and life motivation vlogs, they don't have to be long! They are great inputs for people like me wanting to achieve different kinds of goals!

  7. Invested 4,600 euros, but used audiences to promote. Not everyone can afford starting a Douche Bags without an audience. Marketing is expensive! So perhaps think of building an audience beforehand. The product will find itself!

  8. I love these kind of vlogs, I appreciate it so much.. Actually I'm now nearly 20, I'm a photographer who is trying to do some video also. I did a business study specialised on horses. My second year I did a beautiful placement in the south of France. I've always known that I belonged in the South of France. Last summer I worked as an animator on a camping in the gorges du verdon and I really discovered my love for tourism. so after that I decided to do my 2nd placement (coming February) in tourism/marketing, my passions. But I'm having such an hard time finding places, I hear all the time that I have such a good quality profile but that the offer is already taken, next to that I'm trying to figure out what I want, a big opportunity in a big travel agency or a local tourist office..

    If there's anyone who has tips, let me know!


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