I’ve spent loads of time serious about the concept of fixing Yandere-chan’s identification from “impassive lady” to one thing else. I’ve written out my ideas right here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2017/06/16/the-reason-yandere-chan-lacks-emotions/ I might respect it in the event you’d learn that weblog put up earlier than voting on the next polls:

Do you disapprove of Yandere-chan’s present identification as an “impassive” character? http://poal.me/6p5kak

Which of those two identities would you like for Yandere-chan? http://poal.me/w3sgct

In your opinion, is it too late to alter Yandere-chan’s identification? http://poal.me/kwi8n6



  1. My opinion are based on the developer's perspective and reasoning so I usually don't have a mean opinion often.

  2. you should explain your idea of all the rivals/club leaders, such as oka, who has always been a mystery to me. I see things where she is a psychopath, similar to yandere chan. and I have seen stuff where she is shy, a loner. but I don't know which side you think she's on. please tell me!!! :DDD

  3. i really like the idea of changing her though… so that its kind of an illness that runs in the family… lol

  4. Well, I like the idea of giving Yandere chan a background to give some deep to her character. However if you don't want to change her emotionless persona, you don't have to. You can give depth to her character by using it as a plot device.

    She can be a deep character, without the need to add emotions into the mix. You can have her slowly developing them, depending on the player choices. And show this development through cut scenes… at the end of each week, for the sake of giving them a timeline.

    For example, if the player chose to embark on a genuinely nice path (not dripping any blood and going out of their way to be kind) she can start developing positive emotions.

    Like laughing suddenly at a tv show late at night, because she got the joke. She would keep replaying the moment, and laugh until she cries of joy.

    The new and overwhelming feelings of happiness, that was foreign to her before, she is experiencing it now. This could even make her gain something she didn't even knew existed… hope.

    This pacific Yan chan has the potential to grow to be a kind character, who genuinely but unknowingly cares about others. Deeply so.

    On the opposite side of the coin, if the player is a shameless murderer, Yan chan will retrieve herself further in her insanity. The emotions that senpai makes her feel could grow dull over time, until they are meaningless. And so, once again, she feels nothing at all.

    Nothing, but bloodlust that is. Since killing became such a daily task that she no longer cares for senpai, but for the adrenaline product of the killing sprees she goes unto "for his sake".

    Or, seen through a different perspective. Her obsession could grow, and grow, until she falls unto full insanity. Becoming worse that her mother.

    Dunno, just throwing ideas unto the air.

    About Kizana though… yeah, she doesn't have to be a total snob, but she's supposed to be a himedere, right? So, not so likable either.

  5. Dude, you can't please everyone. Trying to avoid complaints, is futile. Still an interesting video regardless.

  6. I think I would really enjoy it if you did change Yan-chans personality to what you described because it would make her more relatable to the players. There are very few people in the world who are completely emotionless and very much more people in the world who always feel as if they are missing something. I for one am like this, I feel as if I'm missing something from my life and it never gets resolved. I do think it would make better gameplay because then it would make her more reliant on Senpai.

  7. Um I hate to y'know but, um if you changed Kizana's personality to something less snobby, you would need to Change her name because Kizana Sunbou means Rude Snob

  8. Yandere dev! Yandere dev! You might want to take a break for a couple months. You need to live your life. As your fans, we care about you and think you need to enjoy life. We can be patient. We can wait for a few months while you take a break to have some time for yourself. PLEASE do this for your fans. Truthfully, we care about your well being.

  9. Yandere chan seems to have the same situation as my fiancé , the actual factual personality disorder is dissociative, he couldn't feel things the same way as others , guilt , pain , happiness , worry , care , basically your a walking zombie who has the potential to hurt someone, you don't have the stop signal if you gain a motive , my fiancé became obsessive over me since last year of middle school ( I'm in my 20's now), and it took years for me to notice him that way because I was dealing with my own demons , he wouldn't hit on me or do more the simply say I like you , so very passive like yan as well , something about me sparkle something in him , what? No idea , but it changed something in him where he wanted to do anything to take care of me and make me happy because I made him " feel" .

  10. this is a stupid question from a stupid person but can you add a unicorn horn and/or half-shaved hair please?

  11. I think that yandere change should have been unable to really….. connect. like, nobody in life has ever been able to really care for others. she feels emotion, but she never knew how to really love, or nececarily, loved anyone. nobody ever seemed to unlock that feeling. she seems to be sad and broken but shes not. she never had friends or crushes. than she met senpai. senpai made her realise how amazing these emotions were. ayano than realised she was more than just a regular blank slave to school and perfecting random levels of a strange video game every now and then. she was a person. she had hobbies and felt things. she could stand out, she had a life to live! than, people walk into senpais life and… try to take that…. she never did have friends and was new to emotion, so she resulted in the one thing she honestly knew how to do. violence.

    now my opinion on the kizana and kokona thing. you have a really great idea. I think that she should strive to inspire people, and want to be what people aspire to be, so she has picked up a great creativity. she loves kokonas talents and hates that she is copying her and wants to help her make kokona something great!

    those are all I really felt like saying.

  12. Kvusno!!

    Yandere chan's "beta" backstory is really good!!

    But even if she didn't change it would still be cool, i just wanted to play the final game!! ?

  13. i think it would be not that much of a stretch to give Yandere a form of ASPD(sociopathy/psychopathy), that she was just born with. She can't feel emotion, from herself or others, but she can fake it. Then she meets senpai and boom, she can feel empathy and emotion, but only about and towards him. This she interprets as love, but really it's just an obsession.

    Because she doesn't feel anything for anyone but sempai she feels no guilt or remorse in killing them. Nothing majorly changes, but the reasoning is a little more psychobabble sounding, so it feels like there's a little more bite.

    I like the idea of an emotionless character finding someone who makes her feel emotion, but having a reason behind that would be pretty neat too.

  14. There dose not need to be a backstory for her what she is a sociopath I believe is the word she cannot feel emotions and thus simply acts whenever the situation requires her to seem like she can feel to avoid being suspicious it's a real thing I believe and that sociopaths are more smarter then the average person although the last one I'm not sure and could be wrong but anyways yes this is what she is from my understanding of her

  15. I, personally, say make Yandere~chan's character a bit deeper. I think it will make it easier to connect with her a character and make her more relatable. Every has some sort of feeling where they are waiting for the "Ah-ha" moment.

  16. Hi I just have a problem… I have forgotten how to run, snd be yandere mode on.. the instructions that I found didn't work :/

  17. very interesting but i have seen yandere chan more like the heroe from the game fable which depending on the path you choose he can either be a good hero or a villain because is more of a reflection of wich choices we the player would make or how we would go if we had the chance to do anything and be able to reset after seeing what happen just like the idea of frisk in undertale wich in a way know it can just reset everything after seeing what happens keep up the great work and im hoping you will explain why the science club leader has so many clones of midori and the reason of why does he send them to bother you

  18. Do what your heart tells you.

    You are actually a inspiration to me (I wish to become a game designer too) and every time you choose to follow your vision insted of following peoples voices, It gives me more hope. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels that way


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