There’s a tiny island on the East River that you have most likely by no means heard of, and you are not allowed to visit it.

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Most folks have most likely by no means heard of it however there is a tiny 100 by 200 foot island on the East River in New York City known as U Thant Island. It’s proper under Roosevelt Island and subsequent to the United Nations headquarters and has extra historical past per sq. foot than most locations in Manhattan.

It’s origin dates again to the late 19th century when building of an underground tunnel produced a tiny mound of rock that was initially named Belmont Island, after August Belmont Jr. who financed the development undertaking.

In the intervening years it was leased by a Buddhist non secular group, crashed into by quite a few vessels, and briefly occupied by a protesting artist.



  1. Did you know the Dutch bought the whole island of Manhattan for $24? Nowadays a square FOOT of land in NYC can cost more than $1000 ?

  2. This island is full of interdimensional child molesters, FEMA death camps, and black helicopters. I have the documents.


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