Fox News contributor weighs in on report FISA warranted was granted on former Trump marketing campaign adviser



  1. Pyotr Levashov was arrested in Barcelona yesterday as part of the Trump-Russia collusion. This administration is traitorous.

  2. Yeah like when Spicer pretended Manafort had little to do with the campaign.
    Your big proof is that Russia now says they don't like Trump? How stupid do you think we are?

  3. Proves two things there was no Russian collusion & Obama was spying on Trump for political gain. Of course CNN twisted this & outright lied.

  4. Why this shit still going on? The left media are retarded. Ok, ok, We are going to the war with Russia, happy now?

  5. The premise is to pretend they are really on to something and they keep running into nothing found, using the Russian collusion LIE as a free pass to dig for something, anything. The anger you see from the left is the absolute frustration and rage over being so sure that the types of things THEY THEMSELVES do are repeated on the right. They follow the Clinton Method as their way of "doing business", in that whatever they accuse is your BEST clue as to what they themselves are hiding. Where there is smoke, a Democrat is tossing smoke bombs.

  6. Trump had a foreign policy adviser that was acting as an unregistered agent of the Russian government. And Fox News tries to spin this as a non-story.

    He wasn't a big part of the campaign? Then why did Trump name drop him when asked about his foreign policy team?

  7. You republican are idiots!! Presidents don't have the power to just spy on people in secret. If they were going to spy on people a lot of people high up on BOTH side would know, especial the Intelligence Community!!. These people don't work for Obama. The FACT that trump DIDNT get the information from IC which they WOULD HAVE TO TELL HIM THE TRUE. Shows you are all idiots smh

  8. Fox News… the Source for Donald Trump's "alternative facts" and the rift with the UK over Fox's claim that Obama used their intelligence service to wiretap Trump.

  9. started as russia hacked election, then they only meddled, now trump collusion…truth is this russian scandel is just an excuse to justify illegal spying on trump campaign for political purpose.


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