The Park-Car was invented by Brooks Walker within the 1930s and patented within the 1950s. The car included a fifth wheel that allowed it to rotate out and in of parking areas, in addition to flip in a full circle.

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  1. I don't know why anybody would want this, especially nowadays, given we have automatic parking.

    The 5th wheel solution adds weight, mechanical complexity, reduces the trunk size, and wears out the front tires.

  2. Only reason its not there anymore is because cars would be least likely to develop damages hence will not spend as much.

  3. if someone bumps into ur rear bumper, just turn around and be like "I know what u did u filthy animal" with a look of disgust

  4. Darn if only we had this today. Yes it's not the tire's best friend but its a whole lot easier than me having to "push" my way into the spot.

  5. If expensive car manufactures had this, less people would damage their cars resulting in the manufactures making less money when it comes to repairing!

  6. the funny thing is it would be better to use a smaller wheel for the job like a caster. these would be easier to hide in the car.

  7. everyone is supporting this fifth tire, but think about how long it takes the tire to go down and back up. You could probably turn normally much faster. Also, this would utterly demolish the front tires, they're being dragged all around.


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