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An EF2 Tornado struck Spartanburg SC on October 23rd 2017 with a devastating force, The Tornado ripped through concrete and steel like it was wet paper, causing millions of dollars in damage in seconds. By God’s grace no one who was working that day was killed or even seriously injured. Let this be a lesson to be ready at all times for the unknown because as shown in this Video the storm was there in seconds and with no time to prepare or plan an escape. No man knows the day or the hour their life will end, so be ready to meet your maker at all times!!!



  1. Toward the end of the video, see that weird source of gushing water at the end? That's not water. Rewind the video and look at the red piping in the back left corner. That's a gas line; you can see it feeding a huge space heater. That gushing water is actually natural gas…

  2. It's not the wind that usually causes all damage but the flying debris. The inside cinder block wall didn't break because of the wind. It was broken by that big black "thing" lying next to it which isn't there when the clip begins. The outside wall (also made of cinderblock, not concrete) wasn't blown in by the wind but by something heavy (like a car or a tree or a billboard) smashing into it, which also toppled over the forklift.

  3. Бетонные дома спокойной выдерживают ураганы, а это строение явно не из бетона

  4. I work at this company I was there when the tornado hit you can see me run inside at the 9 second mark on this video it was an unforgettable experience for sure !!!!


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