At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau challenged leaders of the world’s biggest corporations to hire more women and address sexual harassment.



  1. This guy is a jack off. He's pretty good at sucking off different groups of various kinds to increase his popularity so he can stay in office lmao….!!!!

  2. Stories will eventually be told in caves around campfires about the freak-show of an individual who wore a polka dot tie with polka dot socks while standing on a stage parroting verbal sewage that belittles women.

  3. Thanks for making Canada the next Sweden! Soon we'll too have Muslims teens with machineguns & grenades walking the street…

  4. I don’t disagree with many of his points. But we should look passed what a person is, and hire according to how they work.

  5. Virtue signal much? Say goodbye to competing in the world. You'd rather focus on identify politics. I'm glad I don't have a cuck like you represent my country.

  6. This guy needs to be replaced… So why doesn't he let a woman take his job.. he is incompetent.. and not even the French pm is nice to him..

  7. We don't need the best qualified as long as their women? So I guess a black, disabled lesbian would be the perfect candidate to replace trudeau! Lmfao libturds and their identity politics.


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