President Trump addresses Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer throughout a joint information convention with French President Emmanuel Macron.



  1. What's wrong with Russia supporting Trump? Merkel supported Hillary, Hillary took donations from foreign leaders? What the fuck is so interesting that half of our country does not see Russia as an adversary and somebody met with Trump's son to disclose true information about Hillary's campaign? The Russians liked Trump, so they assisted his campaign. How is this even "Collusion?" Do people think that collusion implies cooperation of any kind? Madness! Shouldn't you be worried more about what is leaked than who is leaking it anyway? It is insane that people care more about the fact that information is being leaked rather than the horrific truths that come out of leaked e-mails, referring to WikiLeaks, and now some Russian telling Trump "sensitive" information.

  2. Why not address an demand Hillary Clinton's dealings with the Russians why sec of state? spin it back…lock her up…with comey, lynch, an holder…lock em up…

  3. That Russian lawyer was apparently in the US without a visa, so this whole thing may have been a setup by Democrats to entrap Trump Junior.

  4. Did he fail to address why all three lied about not having the meeting for more than a year? Did he pretend that colluding with a Russian lawyer representing their government is commonplace? Smh, this is sad. All along he called the Russian collusion story Fake News and said there was nothing to it. Now that there is admitted evidence, does he retract his claim that there is nothing to the collusion story? No, he won't, he'll be calling the News fake in a few days when he is back.


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