Conservative Review contributor Tom Borelli and Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov discuss President Trump adding new tariffs on solar panels and washing machines.



  1. why would Trump add tariffs towards China and South Korea when we need their help dealing with North Korea. Trump is so stupid, its like he wants to get into nuclear war

  2. really it sounds like a way to kill renewable energy and keep oil and coal going. 23,000 people lost there jobs today.

  3. This bitch has absolutely no idea what she's talking about I just put a brand new dishwasher in my fucking kitchen it cost me over $600 the one I had in there was a little old and a little worn probably from the late 90s early 2000 and this new one was complete fucking junk when I tell you junk there's probably no more than $15 in material in this fucking thing plastic all the way to fuck around completely junk junk I literally picked it up by myself and put it in by myself but I needed help from two other people to get the old one out and a hand to carry it to the curb this shit is fucking junk my wife still buys me toys for Christmas because I'm still a kid at heart she bought me a remote control car that cost her $165 I played with it for 6 minutes in the house not outside not in the dirt rain mud snow in the house I played with it and it was broke under 10 minutes of play overpriced mass-produced Chinese Japanese Malaysian Korean fucking junk that's what president Trump talks about with Bae deals when you pay top dollar for something and get junk in return oh and by the way the dishwasher was a Whirlpool complete fucking junk

  4. We have all said that we as Americans are more than willing to pay more for products if that means they will be made in America made by Americans giving Americans jobs and a chance at the American Dream once again. The only people who truly benefit from cheap goods being made in these foreign countries are the rich not the poor because if you don’t have a job what’s the point of cheap products if you can’t buy it. Yes our TVs and cells phones are cheap but most Americans at the bottom of the barrel can’t afford it or can barely afford it. One day if we go on the way we are going eventually there will come a point when there will be no one to buy these goods because if there is no one working to buy these goods it’s not going to matter if that product is only $5 instead of $500.Plus why is it that the rest of the world can or in place tariffs and dumb their products in the US making it so that our products can’t compete yet when we do it it’s wrong. Yell the EU is one gigantic protectionist block where they keep everything out with high tariffs on the rest of the world in order to protect their own industries and agriculture. They have so much regulations it’s insane and fills up buildings in which they have put out of business many of their own smaller companies in order to protect their own larger corporations because they are lobbyists who have got them to do so. Which is why Germany is able to be the dominant eco in Europe over the other European countries and why so many of the other Mediterranean countries are stuck in poverty.We have every right to protect our economy and enforce the trade deals that we have in place and renegotiate those that are bad in order to finally make it so that we are no longer having to subsidize the rest of the world and once and for all our our country and people first.

  5. Depend on Jessica Turdlove to always spin everything negatively ….had Trump done this as a democratic president they would have hailed him as the next best thing after sliced bread.

  6. Prices may go up but at least you will have better quality and create jobs so the money will stay and grow in your Country ! Washing machines are garbage now , you cannot buy a good one , they break down after a year or so, I could only find ones made in Mexico ,here in Canada. I was willing to pay a bit more for one made in USA because even the honest long term appliance salesman know the ones from Mexico are junk .

  7. Dems and Republicans base economic models on the fluke that was the American 20th Century…. WWI and WWII basically guaranteed US economic domninance. Pre Lusitania the US was the biggest supplier to Germany and its allies as well as England and its allies…. WWII we were on the allies side and made a mint off the war. Not only that but when every other industrialized nation had their infrastructure bombed back into the stone age its not hard to see how the stage was set for American dominance. It takes 20-30 years to really rebuild infrastructure ground up like they had to do in Germany, Japan, England, France Europe etc… China /Asia wasn't developed. After that they had to penetrate American markets that had been monopolized by a country that was producing a significant portion of the world's gdp… In the last 20 years for the first time there has actually been a competitive market in the age of the corporation.

    My point here is why the hell is everyone trying to generally force older economic models that really applied nearly a century ago or applied during a time when there were drastically extenuating circumstances influencing the global economy. Supply and demand industry has been drastically weakened due to the amount of investment capital readily available to catch onto economic niches rapidly. The way corporate entities interact with international trade laws combined with their new legal status as independent entities from those who own them makes them virtually untouchable by the laws we currently have in place in the United States due to supremacy clause neutering the congresses ability to direct legislation at corporate entities. Don't get me wrong I am not anti corporation I just don't think the existing structure was ever intended to handle anything like the current economic environment and just lacks the tools to do so. Anyways rant over. I don't think this move is really going to do anything there are too many things that Americans are reliant on other countries for and the must have now syndrome infecting the country is going to have people up in arms if the prices rise due to these deals.

  8. Looks like Mexico is paying for that wall after all . It only makes sense . People will buy quality , instead of quantity and make their Country richer . This is why China controlled Democrat Globalists are freaking out , President Trump is hitting them in their pockets ! Trudeau is a Globalist puppet selling out Canada ! We pray for a leader like Trump for our Country !

  9. My new washer , fridge, and air conditioner only last about 4 or 5 years before problems start… I have an old box fridgetaire dated 1954 in my shed that still works today without any repairs…but it has the dangerous door where if locked inside death is certain…

  10. Good! Obama ran companies out of the U.S.by over regulation. Every small town had two or three factories that generated income and were the lifeblood of rural America. Barack Obama tried to kill America and the democrats are still trying. MAGA !
    Deport illegals , build the wall , stop voter fraud !

  11. So if the tariffs raise prices it may be why he lowered taxes that way it could help offset some of the temporary price increases until American industry can reestablish itself.

  12. Thing is, I wouldn't buy a Whirpool machine, nor would I buy Whirpool stock, with its neutral rating. There are better machines, and better stock. Maybe in a few years, Whirpool could make good machines that save water, are low power, and efficient. But right now, their machines are big and clunky and not very smart.


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