President Trump delivers remarks to military households at a picnic on the South Lawn on Independence Day.



  1. We want Trump out and restore respect to our once Great Nation. Trump only brings shame to our Nation and threatens our integrity and security.

  2. In 67 years, Trump is the biggest ass I've come across, amongst all the preceding presidents. He's almost beyond Cartoon. Bush was a fucking moron, this piece of garbage is a cretin, one further step lower than moron. The rest of the world looks on at America and weeps. (When they're not laughing their asses off meantime). America's currently in what's called the end game. It has zero credibilty. Shrivel and die. Take it like a man.

  3. God bless our first family. love the way our President Trump cares for our military their families and the American people that he comes into contact with. he talks to them like they are important.

  4. Melania looks amazing……White females are the most victimized demographic in the country! Its the biggest MSM cover up!

  5. I know I did not just witness a somewhat 'positive' video of our President on CNN.
    That in itself is fake news. Ah, well played CNN, well played .

  6. When your media is tirelessly working to discredit and take away your democratically elected President, that should tell you that something else is going on within your government. Time to wake up!

  7. What a disgrace to our nation. A draft dodging coward imbecile has the nerve to address our troops. Army Leads The Way Hooah

  8. While you are watching Trump praising the military and trying to say smart things about it keep in mind that he is a draft dodger coward.

  9. I don't understand how you individuals continue to state a former prostitute looks classy. But yet you disrespect so egregiously a former First Lady who graduated Harvard law school with honors

    My lord. The state of this nation is in grave grave danger

  10. God bless America. And for all the true patriots that voted for Trump. Thank our precious god for draining the swamp of liberals. Now we get to sit back and watch the fake news media slowly disintegrate into nothing.


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