Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow went on Fox News Sunday to debate the President’s June 16th tweet about being below investigation for firing former FBI Director James Comey.

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  1. We are all sick (those of us even half awake) of the msm trump bashing and lies, even if you dress nicely and have slick presentations. So what. A thin veil that we now easily see through. We want fairness, honesty, and truth.

  2. Wallace is indeed right in his assertion that Sekkulow made a statement (twice) that the President was under investigation !!

  3. 00:54 Chris Wallace asks him to prove a negative.

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! WE JUST WENT TROUGH THIS WITH COMEY! They insinuated Comey was investigating Trump for collusion with Russia. Then he testified he was not and never was. Then they make up this new accusation that he might be under investigation for obstruction of justice, when even Comey himself didn't suggest it was obstruction of justice. Fuck off you lying pieces of shit. Do your jobs as journalists. Stop this nonsensical rumor-mill. This is not news, we might as well speculate that there are Nazis living on the dark side of the moon. Conspiracy theory nonsense by idiots that don't understand facts or logic.

  4. whem wallace comes on I turn him off, if it wasn't for Jay I wouldnt have watched this, wallace needs to go.

  5. shut up Chris and let Jay finish his thoughts. How does Jay k ow what the president thinks….your always asking ….what does the president think about blah blah blah….

  6. who gives a crap why Trump fired Comey? He doesn't have to have ANY reason at all. This is such a waste of time trying insinuate Trump has done something wrong.

  7. Wallace is just plain stupid, hostile, and uses words and term loosely. He cannot deliver a precise question or understand a straight answer. He is just too annoying to be on TV and Fox should send him and Juan Williams the way of Bob Beckel, to the unemployment line.

  8. Wallace is such a nub. This whole witch hunt is a joke and we the people see how stupid it is and we see how the media are full of SHIT.

  9. I guess trumptards will soon jump ship like rats, and leave Fox News.
    Where to go to now? Where to go to be soothed and comforted with complete lies??
    Alex Jones! Yes! Run to daddy! He will feed you what you crave for.

  10. Chris Wallace has been spewing Anti Democrat and Liberal lines for years and this one interview now makes everyone turn on him ?

  11. Chris Wallace is an excellent journalist, and he's asked far tougher questions to far tougher people for a very long time. Go back and watch him grill Reagan during the Iran-Contra scandal, or set off Bill Clinton during a face-to-face. It's not Wallace's fault Sekulow is doing poorly in interviews–and he is, despite the Alex Jones crowd desperately trying to paint it differently.


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