As Easter approaches, Trump can be spending the vacation at Mar-A-Lago whereas most of his senior employees will stay in Washington, D.C.



  1. Fuck Kim JUng Un… bastard needs to be removed from power. Saddam, Assad, gadafi were never threats to american national security… but this KIM jung psycho is a huge threat.

  2. It is ridiculous in the 21st century to have countries like North Korea. Sorry we need to takeover that country and unify. I call for a full evacuation of Soul South Korea to protect lives then we just go in and occupy the country PROBLEM SOLVED. South Korea can run everything.

  3. Doesn't matter where they are, it's all under control. Donald Trump is a handson president, doesn't leave loose ends. He's got everything under control and better take him serious. Things only work out if you stick to what you say. He will order to attack and the outcome will be good on long term.

  4. According to US and other global intelligence agencies, N. Korea has yet to flight test an ICBM. The only missile N. Korea has that could be converted into a land based ICBM is the TaePoDong-2/Unha launch vehicle. They also have the KN-08 which hasn't been flight tested. They have successfully tested an FBM called Pukkuksong-1. The US Trident-II D-5 (UGM-133) has ICBM range. Pukkuksong-1 has not yet demonstrated ICBM range but if a North Korean sub somehow managed to get near enough to the western US to launch a Pukkuksong-1 missile, ICBM range would not be required. Furthermore, even if N. Korea had a few operational ICBMs, they'd be committing nuclearcide if they detonated nukes in the western US. We could respond with just 1 Trident-II missile which has from 8 to 12 warheads. We could bomb them back into the stone age. There are 14 Trident (Ohio class) submarines equipped with 24 Trident missiles per sub. And the Trident-II is thought by our intel to have 8 to 14 warheads per missile. Worst case scenario is China and or Russia coming to N. Koreas aid as they have nuclear arsenals.


  6. Trumps family and friends are working for him because they are all dragging a huge Secret Service security detail between Trumps hotels and resorts, that he did not divest from, and charging them rent for rooms and services including golf cart hire … "Engendering Patronage" from his government paid security is a blatant violation of the RICO ACT … (racketeering and organised crime) … he has instituted a law change that means he can withdraw funds at any time from his own businesses without declaring it and is likely funnelling that money into offshore accounts … costing taxpayers over $3 million per trip to Mar-a-Lago where he doubled the membership fees and is making money off every single security person who protects him, his friends, and the dignitaries they invite to stay there.

    Trump is robbing you right in front of your eyes … See: "RICO NY FBI Trump Organisation Election Rigging" by Centrist News … if you care about the TRUTH.

  7. ???????????????????????????????
    Love love love our greatest President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike R. Pence so much!

  8. "Bare Bone Staff" and y'all ask why?? Because the Elites Soros/Rothschilds have henchmen within the SWAMP that delay Trumps folks.. no worries.. within the next year that Swamp will be DRAINED! Along with that Extremely Fake News ABC, CNN, MSNBC and so many others.. TIME TO GET REAL!! TIME FOR AMERICA! God Speed Trump! That man Trump doesn't Lose !

  9. How much is it costing us his constant commute to mar-a-largo? (And we used to complaint about Obama's trips).

    He basically lives in the Country Club in Florida and she lives in NY. Could we rent the White House?

  10. Great that's great. So if we get nuked by someone, he goes with us at least.
    Unless they're digging a secret bunker there for him, that's why they got staphylococcus in their food.

  11. trump hi is a cowards for sure ,go show your aggression somewhere in some tribes in Afghanistan or some innocent people in some mountains then you can get away with it bomb them with latest mother bombs go go , i dear you miss out with kim pyoung un hi isent lake thous stupid arabs ( hyenas surrounded to an wounded lion ef syria ) hi will destroy half of your voted nation , the sop isn't that cold

  12. mr trump can live where ever he wants..he is our leader…he will protect us…unlike obama the muslim ..did not….fuck all you trump haters….yup

  13. Kim Jun Un may be no Hitler, but what he lacks in scale he makes up in duration.
    Entire country of people living under his brutality.
    He threatens to bomb America.
    And the instability he imposes in the area.

  14. I bet trump and Kim tweeter each other back and forth regularly.Kim's like "I kill you" and trumps like "its gonna be a beautiful wall" and then I'm over here wondering how much it will cost to get a sexy Russian chick to piss in my face…fucking life and stuff


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