Porter has been accused of domestic abuse by two ex-wives and a former girlfriend. He has denied the charges. Sandra Mitchell reports.



  1. Given Trump's character I have no doubt that Rob Porter is guilty as charged. Trump is an amoral man & naturally surrounds himself with similar people.

    If only one of Porter's ex wife's was saying he's abusive you could give him the benefit of the doubt. But both ex wife's are saying the same thing.

    Of course die hard Trumpiters will support Poter & claim that the whole thing is a plot by the Democratic's. & everyone who doesn't agree with them are a bunch of lefty liberal snowflakes, unAmerican, trators ect.

    But its no surprise that they'd support him. After all they supported a pedophile, so why not condone domestic violence as well. Because its people like that who are going to make America great again.

  2. So quick to say “fake news.” Let’s see how this play out would be a smart thing to say. Instead, you’re gonna craw up that trump as-$. Come up for air every once in awhile.

  3. God Bless President Trump. The dishonest Fake News hates him – But most Americans love President Trump. They gave him a dramatic, sweeping, massive and decisive win in 30 out of the 50 States. Why do Americans love President Trump?

    1) Because under his leadership the Stock Market is at the record high.
    2) He has added over 4 Trillion Dollars to the economy.
    3) He has created one million new jobs.
    4) Unemployment is at it's lowest in the last 17 years.
    5) Unemployment of Blacks at its lowest level in USA history.
    6) Unemployment of Asians, lowest level in USA history.
    7) Unemployment of Females lowest level in 18 years
    8) Illegals are down by 70% creating entry jobs for young Americans. We now have a Border.
    9) President Trump has named the world-wide terrorist problem: Islamic Muslim Terrorism.
    10) Migrants now cannot come into the USA and immediately jump on the welfare rolls for 5 years and Taxpayers will not have to support them. Now, thanks to President Trump, they must at the least speak basic English and be employable.
    11) The Raise Act will create a wave of new jobs. He has also removed the barriers to Clean Coal and put the miners back to work.
    12) He cut red tape for new businesses to start ups and it will pave the way for businesses to speedily hire new employees in record time.
    13) He instituted programs to help the Inner Cities that Democrats had abandoned.
    14) He stopped Taxpayer funding for Sanctuary Cities that support illegals.
    15) He stopped Taxpayer funding of Abortion. (Taxpayers don’t fund condoms and birth control pills and should not have to fund abortion either).
    16) He got the USA out of the Paris Accord and fake Carbon Tax and the Global Warming Hoax that 31,000 Scientist say is nothing but pseudo-computer projections. This will save over 6 Million jobs and Trillions in Tax Dollars that American will ‘not’ have to pay.
    17) He has labeled Terrorism for what it really is…. ‘Radical Islamic Terror’. Islam is not a bonafide religion. It is nothing more than a Cult that promotes criminality such as: killing unbelievers, gays, apostates, cutting off hands, limbs, beheading, female honor killings, polygamy and female genital mutilation of little defenseless girl babies. All of these are Crimes and are against the Democratic rule of law.
    18) He supports the right of the people to bear arms and defend themselves from Tyrannical Government, Criminals and Terrorists.
    19) He appointed a conservative Supreme Judge who supports the Constitution.
    20) Consumer confidence is at an all time high. Thank you President Trump.
    21) He has consistently condemned racism; hate groups, white supremacists, David Duke and the KKK since 1991.

    See a much younger Trump on Larry King Live condemning these hate groups here:

    Trump Disavowing David Duke and KKK from 1991 to 2016, Trump calls Duke "bigot" & "a problem".

    22) He pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who revealed Obama's Birth Certificate was a forgery and was successfully solidifying the Border against illegal immigrants. Obama and a left-leaning homosexual Judge did a political hit on Sheriff Joe. Obama wrongly put the Sheriff in jail and President Trump got him out.

    23) President Trump has ended DACA, which will create more jobs for American Workers and take pressure off the safety net programs that Taxpayers have to fund. DACA was illegal program pushed through by Obama against Congress wishes on both sides of the fence and a program that is against the Constitution.

    It let in 40,000,000 illegals some that were Criminals, Gang members and Drug Dealers. Now they must leave when their work permit expires and they need to come in legally. [A Country without Borders is not a Country]. Finally we have a President that is putting Americans first, American jobs first, and American safety first. Trump has been one of the best Presidents ever demonstrating the greatest personal work ethic Washington has ever seen. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! We urge President Trump to continue to “Drain the Swamp” in both the Democrats and Republican Parties of self-serving disgraceful politicians who profit from lobbyist funding, insider information and let them and their friends pork barrel at the public trough at Taxpayer expense:

    24. In President Trumps recent UN speech President Trump he speaks out against globalism, the New World Order, and One World Government and calls for the United Nations to respect each Nations sovereignty and borders.

    He speaks out against Islamic Terror, Socialism, and Communist and labels these as Bankrupt ideologies that have failed and led to poverty, enslavement and cruelty and challenged the UN to make reforms and get it right.

    He reminds the 193 Nations of the World that we must honour God – and ends with invoking God’s Blessing on all the Nations of the World and than calls on God’s Blessings to come on America. Over 128 Nations later, signed on in Agreement to President Trump’s Speech.

    25. He has strengthened the USA Military and is in the process of modernizing it with a goal of self-defence not USA Imperialism. Peace Through Strength.

    26. Thanks to our Commander-In-Chief and the courage of our armed force, ISIS is on the run, their capital has fallen and their so-called Caliphate has crumbled in Syria and Iraq.

    27. President Trump recognized that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel whilst Islam prays to Mecca five times per day. He is moving the USA Embassy to Jerusalem. Hooray!

    28. Now he is unleashing the largest tax cut in American History. Great job President Trump!

    Boeing unveils $300M in initiatives in response to tax bill

    American Exceptionalism

    Death Blow To Globalism As Trump Delivers Historic Tax Cuts

    29. Trump cuts the UN by $285,000.00. What a brilliant move. Stop all UN Funding. Why should the USA have to pay 22% of all UN Budgets of this New World Order supporting group of Globalists. Move to voluntary country funding.

    What a great President. Several articles on the internet have estimated Donald Trump’s IQ at around 156, which would make him smarter than 99.98% of the population. IQ’s of USA Presidents:

    Although the dishonest Fake News Reporters hate you, – The vast majority of Americans Love you.

    On the other hand what does Pinocchio, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Al Gore (aka, the Global Warming Hoax) all have in common? They are all BIG LOSERS!

    Use these comments freely.

  4. When your boss says he (especially this boss) has “confidence” in you, its time to pack up.

    I have lost count of how many times he (Trump) and Huckerbee has said that he (Trump) has confidence in someone and they are no longer on the job.

    I just wish he would say that repeatedly for days on end, for sure that WH would be free and clear of all that riff-raff lickity split.


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