“The View” co-hosts weigh the professionals and cons of the brand new policy.



  1. cuba has a revolutionary spirit that is dangerous to american systems of power. we have to keep their notions of freedom condemned to their island or we might grow positively as a nation for the first time in a looooooong time.

  2. It relates to strategy. When you sacrifice little to exert much effect and work from a position of power, you should take advantage of those moments. The USA might give a lot of money and defense to Saudi, but that is because they lack the same control they have on Cuba. Saudi can just sell more oil to american enemies. They need them on their side, but he doesn't need Cuba, so he can exert more force, and even please some of his voter base.

  3. Lol Whoopi and The View as a whole is the last place on earth I would look to for political opinions! I would rather look to ISIS, at least they have a sliver of common sense…

  4. Here we go again: Americans trying to force other countries to do things according to their 'ideal' standards while they themselves do not live up to those standards. "Why do they hate us?" they keep asking. Get to know the world first, Americans! But the again, you don't really know your own country.

  5. typical 4 on 1.jed always has to be the logical one. puts emotions aside and focuses on policy, unlike the other cunts on the stage

  6. Good discussion but Jediah. sorry if I misspelled it. By turning your back on the Cuban people over there once again just leaves the door open for someone else to walk through. What if Russia decides it is worth there intereste again to invest in Cuba. Or what if China invests there maybe India. We could lose out. And I'm sorry if he is going to call out the Cuban Government which is horrible then we must call out: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Turkey, United Emirates, Jordan and a few more. Cause they are as bad if not worse. And funny during his speech he talked about the Missle Crisis otherwise known as The Bay Of Pigs. But notice he never mentioned Russia. Not even once. And Russia was the biggest backer of Fidel Castro and the it was there missles not Cubans that almost caused WW3.

  7. They actually compared the United States to CUBA!!!!!! on human rights issues????? They just don't know what else to come up with to minimise Trump's accomplishments. (Except for Jed)

  8. I thought the Russians were supposed to make Cuba into a paradise? What happened to all those billions? Well I guess if you can't get help from America your country is a pile of crap.

  9. Never forget the footage of Little Castro standing in the back of a bluish truck bed. Giving the go ahead of 30+ people. In a row. Get buried alive. In front of mostly loved ones or neighbors.
    Just to send a warning. Both of them are/was evil.

    If you try and call my so-called bluff.
    Fair warning. Saying horrific , disheartening ,
    evil to the core. Just doesn't work.

  10. Why don't they just change the nam of the show to "The view on Donald trump" my goodness it's always about him

  11. She's gonna compare hands shaken by Obama and trump? Really? Remind me how she's qualified to do anything other then to be pretend to be someone who's qualified. Bottom line the view is just nonsense

  12. Trump is right on Cuba. Everyone is too busy saying he's with Russia despite them marking our jets as targets over Syria, or complaining about the cons of his deals without looking at the pros. They eat the liberal news being pushed without a second thought. Instead of spending months and billions slandering Trump, put that towards actually helping our country and we could be in a much better place. This Trump is bad campaign is stale and annoying now.

  13. Literally almost every liberal comment: "JUST SHUT UP JEB"

    It's easier for dumb people to call others dumb, as opposed to arguing a valid point to prove them wrong. Just saying…


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