President Trump told reporters on Jan. 24 that he is “looking forward” to speaking to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. Trump said there was “no collusion” between his presidential campaign and Russia. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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  1. Trump should insist on a two way interview under oath so Mueller would be required to answer an equal number of questions. I'm pretty confidant that Mueller would drop his request!


  3. This whole charade by the left is a joke. She lost, massively, and nothing you people say or do will ever make her President. We stand by the President.

  4. I would not trust CNN to tell me if it's day or night, I have watched CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS And without a doubt they are guilty of FAKE NEWS, When the Donald won the Presidency they were ALL crying like babies so what does that tell you about their political beliefs.

  5. trump trying to bullshit his way out, Mueller is 10 times smarter than trump, in reality, trump is a dumb fucker but he has a shit bucket of lawyers. I actually think trump craps out of his mouth when he talks his mouth looks like an Anus!! Not to mention over 75% of the country hates his fucking guts, but he keeps lying cuz that's all he knows how to do, even his idiotic base is turning on him! 30%approval keep winning dipshit!

  6. I do not put it past the republicans to have grabbed some e mails and deleted them, could be completely insignificant e mails just disappear, but would look like a scandal. my point is, this administration has tried so hard to impede this investigation they are hiding something. I hope we find out who did what and when, and prosecute every one of the rotten fish.

  7. Trump: "Mueller, listen… there is no collusion, there is no collusion, everybody knows there is no collusion, you know about it. What about those missing txt messages? If you think about it, Hillary! there is no collusion. you know… this rush-er thing with Hillary? FBI secret society is against me, it is a mess, sad. Comey is just not doing His job. If you look at Obama…
    Mueller: ???!!

  8. Arrogant liar..I can't wait for his lies to go under oath..always bringing up Hilary .he is utterly disgusting..A damn child. Treason charges aren't enough for this evil monster

  9. Trump playing to his base again. "I have nothing to hide." . Don't hold your breath waiting for him to speak to Mueller. If Mueller calls his bluff and sets a date and time, Trump's attorneys will in NO WAY let him speak to Mueller or anyone investigating this case. And you can bet that after they renege on Trump's statement Trump will say, among other lies, "Well I wanted to speak with Mueller but my lawyers would not let me." As if he would not damage his own case because he "has nothing to hide." He's been hiding since the investigation began.

  10. Very refreshing to have a leader let alone President that has nothing to hide and willing to talk to anyone anytime. Another feather in President Trump's cap making America great again one day at a time.

  11. Literally everything this loser hypes up is being released in "2 weeks". Give me a break, he's a pathological liar.

  12. Awesome! The sooner he does it the sooner the Liberals will fall apart. How disrespectful these reporters are. Had people been this disrespectful against Obama the Liberals would have started a civil war…

  13. whats the purpose of an oath for a guy that doesn't keep his promise," on my first day in office, i will tag china as a currency manipulator, and i will make america hate again".


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