Taped comments indicate another change of heart for president on DACA. Dave Bryan reports.



  1. Proud of the President to look at these young aldults as Americans they did not come here they where brought in with thier parents to punish these young aldults who we let go to American schools for 12 years is wrong the Costitution states if you where in America for 5 years you recieve citezenship .The parents broke the law not these young aldults , We are a Christian Country which is on a which hunt sad days that people are so full of hate Praying for the president and Americans to ask what would Jesus say, to love is the greatest gift we give all this fake news is so sad and for Americans to scoop so low is un American, Praying we all learn to walk in Peace

  2. No . The reasons are no papers no records of sickness danger , mentally and physically crimes that have been…committed . .I know you won't bring a complete stranger in your house say family here is so and so I be back in a jiffy !!


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