The US President reportedly used foul-language to refer to Haiti and African nations, during a bipartisan meeting in the White House…
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  1. I noticed that people from African countries, Latin American countries and the Middle East are doing all the immigrating. People from healthier countries aren't Immigrating to the country areas previously mentioned. Wouldn't that mean that the receiving countries have developed superior cultures?

  2. Straight out racist, there was no compliment in his statement. He chose them because of obvious ethnicity. That being said, I'm enjoying the clown show. White Americans look crazy. This is your global face. You are reforcing the global racial terrorist brand the world court labeled America as and the Bible reference of last Trump will be the last time America will be globally relevant. Trump is making America smaller not greater with his small minded racist views. White people defending him have a low self-esteem problem. Its ridiculous that skin color makes anyone better or worse. We were all created by the same God.

  3. I'd rather see immigrants from Asian countries. They'll be more productive than Haitians and Asian crime in the US is fairly low.

  4. The context was he was in a private conversation and carelessly making general dismissive remarks regarding not wanting to legislate about some countries he has no interest in. It would be like someone saying crappy restaurants or crappy stores, not necessarily meaning literally crappy or shitty or feces-esque, nor referring to any skin color or race. Trump talks bluntly in private (and in public on twitter). We should all know this by now. Way to blow this up out of nothing. Next, take every word literally too now? Fake news.

  5. you know why people aren't coming to America from countries like Norway because they dont want to collect wellfare, food stamps and free healthcare. There's your answer President Trump.

  6. UN literally sh¡t in the 's drinking water and killed many. Clinton's friends caught acquiring multiple young known UNorphaned children for whatever reasons outside the country.
    But yeah What Trump said can't stand, just the worst.

  7. Other country's want to send off citizens so they don't have to provide financially for their own citizens to let them free load off America's tax payers.

  8. No one wants more black immigrants. Not even the existing black community. NO ONE wants them. That’s the fact. Sorry if your feelings are hurt. That’s just reality.

  9. Don't care what he used! This is how most speak. About time we had a genuine MAN leading us. To all those liars and fakes who use the same language while they hide behind fake propriety, Eat It!!


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