President Trump last June sought to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III but backed off after White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn threatened to resign. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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  1. This is it. there is no more chances for Trump, Trump is pretty much f*** !!! Are Trump fairies going to keep calling this fake news? Trump is out of the country right now and he may not come back

  2. Why specifically was Mueller hired? What exactly have he and his band of merry liberal prosecutors been doing since June? How do his activities differ from what Mark Felt a/k/a Deep Throat did to Richard Nixon during the Pentagon Papers/Watergate investigation?

  3. At some point you have to ask yourself what is coming, what is down the pike. Politics is a public perception game.

    Memo released most people who have seen it, state it is a game changer (strike 1) FBI loses text messages (strike 2)

    IOG finds Texts and lets everyone know they have them (Strike 3)

    President Trump states he would testify under oath (strike 4)

    So now NYT releases story about trump firing Mueller (distraction)

    Now all media sites running the distraction….always ask yourself why the change in story and narrative…there is always a reason.

    This is why everyone calls CNN "Fake News". It's not that the story is fake, its just presented in a way that's extremly bias and overblown. It's so easy to spot it isn't even funny anymore.

    Journalism is dead.


    The main Dutch TV channel and a major newspaper just announced that Dutch Intelligence had hacked Cozy Bear (Russian Hackers) for a relative long period, while they were attacking the USA election. The Dutch even accessed the camera at the door and they provided the USA with photos of the hackers. During the major 24 hours attack, the Dutch informed the USA step by step about the attack plan of the Russians. That is why the US intelligence could beat off the attack and has been so sure about the Russian involvement in the election. The hack has been detected, when the USA alarmed the Russians by telling the press, that they had information from a Western Intelligence Agency. The Dutch Intelligence is not so keen anymore on sharing data with Trump's USA, especially after Trump also talked with the Russians about an Israeli covert operation.

  5. Donald Trump is a criminal who launders bloody and dirty drug money in Florida.
    Florida is a failed narco state full of illegals, Negroes, Jews, lgbt and drug addicts.

    Mueller is doing a great job.

  6. Yeah, I just heard the same story on CNN. Nice synchronicity you've got going there, MSM! Although… CNN didn't say anything about sources either. So is it even true or simply part of the attempt to further the ongoing silent coupe d'état? Will the White House force another retraction – come to be buried in a byline so devoted sheeple won't have to notice?

    I think it's another fakery in the saga of disgruntled deep staters, but even if it was true, Trump would still be well inside his constitutional rights.

    In case it is true, I think he should have gone with his own, usually very precise intuition. The Mueller investigation is a fraud. It can never go anywhere legally, simply because it was based on an illegal FISA warrent and an illegal leak by Comey the Lying Weasel. Fruit of the poisoned tree principle.

    Sessions should of course be fired for not starting his own investigation into the illegally subversive Mueller team and ignoring Judicial Watch's request for the budget and scope. Heck, Sessions shouldn't have accepted the position as AG in the first place knowing that he'd have to recuse himself from being in any way effective in draining the sewer! He knew this was the president's policy going in. He set his personal ambition over the ability to serve his president which puts him in with the rest of the corruption running rampant…

  7. Mueller gonna be all done soon and evidence on Michael Flynn thrown out because it was illegally obtained when the FBI used a DNC funded fake document to obtain a FISA warrant to spy. We dont even need this memo to know this. LMAO AND they thought Trump was nuts when he said he was wire tapped.


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