An Asian girl and her three associates had been on their approach to an Airbnb home they booked for a weekend close to Big Bear, California. Right earlier than they arrived, the girl texted her Airbnb host to inform her they had been nearly there. Thats when the host abruptly cancelled; citing President Trump for the explanation, and telling the girl, “One phrase says all of it. Asian.”



  1. she tried to double the occupancy on short notice and pay cash on the busiest weekend of the year. that would scream scam to me no matter what the race was.

  2. Sounds like a simple dispute over payment that escalated into name calling. It's pretty naive to call the host during your drive to negotiate payment for the 2 additional guests.

  3. NEWSFLASH: People you meet online can be dicks in real life… seriously though, only idiots use apps like airbin or uber that help people provide services outside their professions, they are the real problems here

  4. white supremacy should be abolished. If u talked about colour, white people are the nastiest. White invaded to africa, asia, america and australia. They thought those were heroic achievements, and blasting they were the leaders of the world. They are actually leading to end the world by invading the weaker countries, implementing unfair policies to non-white people, rationalising the non-sense. Good luck to all non-white people and stay strong.

    • It was actually an English as a second language professor from mt. San jacinto college. She’s not teaching there next semester….

  5. $50 for 4 people and 2 dogs seems a bit much. It would have been nice to include the screenshots where the owner agreed to this deal. How the owner reacted was uncalled for and lacked professionalism and i'm sure airbnb will take care of this person by banning them, but how asian lady cries about the incident, is not necessary either. Must be her first run in with racism, she needs to toughen up cause the world is a lot harsher than this.

  6. There is enough legal grounds to sue for discrimination and false advertising and win. Maybe even win the house.

  7. I get that it's a person's home and you should be able to discriminate freely. But she knew the terms of AirB&B and their non-discrimination policy, and to just cancel the reservation just as the guests are arriving to to your home, what a dick move. I hope the hosts gets named and exposed among other things.

  8. This woman tried to sneak in two extra people and was denied access to the resort. She than tried to blame it on racism like the pathetic whine bag she is.

  9. suck it up.. move on… and quit crying.!!!!!

    This is why this country is soooo weak. people are so caught up in what other people think of them and worried about there shit feelings that there forgetting the bigger issues in America.

    Wake you sissy la la.

  10. What is the hosts name so I can give her a job at my motel and send her some money for being harassed by this Asian cheap skate.

  11. "It's why we have Trump." I guess the host doesn't mind having a foreigner as First Lady, as long as she is White.

  12. Some people will not accept other race even if they lived in U.S for 23 years. When you get those hosts, you should just move on and find another. Stop Whining about the stupidest littlest things seriously.

    Host should have said that something came up and the room is unavailable for use. But knowing these fucking special snowflakes, they would still cry b-but m-muh racism!


  13. Ironic how the racist woman (Tami Barker) teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) at Mt. San Jacinto College, and the asian woman is studying race and ethnicity at UCLA Law School.

  14. I love how some of these brainless comments actually get feedback. fuckheads get this, there is always going to be dumb people out there, who unfortunately has had the privilige of learning how to read and write, however one must assume that they stopped their learning ability there. Im so fed up with dumbass fucks, saying shit like: ohh trump supporters are all racist, ohh trump supporters should have their own airbnb balbla. You fucking imbeciles, any leader knows that an attitude like that gets you royally fucked, you cannot judge a whole fucking race or culture based on a few persons, thats not how any of this works, only by multiculturalism will the human race go on. oh and to the fucks thinking that multiculturalism is shit or bad for some reason, fucking read up on it, see how people rate living these places, and uhh this is one of the best ones, in multicultural areas with refugees, they have been nothing but a success story. – To some trump supporters saying shit like: " yeah this is why we have trump " you must be retarded writing what you do, like how fucking narrow-minded can one get? I sincerely hope that we soon get a plague so natural selection removes some of you dumb shits, fucking giving me cancer with your comments.

  15. If true, this is a terrible way to treat a person and it should not be tolerated by AirBnB. On the surface it looks like fake news. Hopefully there will be an investigation and the truth will come out. Is it simply a coincidence that this woman is enrolled in the "Critical Race Studies" Law program at UCLA? It's possible… but I would not be shocked that further investigation revealed all of this as completely fabricated.

  16. We are Asian American here, but we are also glad that white girl cancel her Airbnb. How the hell you expect us to sleep while she banging her white boyfriend next door. I vote for Trump again next term! Go get a hotel, they take CASH! Waste of Rice sellout Asian bitch! You come to my house I slam the door at you too! I did once with an Asian bitch with a white guy for Uber. Just cancel her trip and drove off. lol…

  17. Where are the screenshots of her making the deal for all four of her friends and 2 dogs for $50 a night?

    Sounds like this Jew/Chink hybrid was trying to save some shekels outside of the formal agreement. Fake news. Move on.

  18. This looks like a setup to smear Trump supporters. I believe this young woman actually was discriminated against, which is disgusting – but I can believe this was the work of some butt-hurt leftist provocateurs. I don't know any white people who are prejudiced against Asians: They've always been considered the "model minority", except in the business world where there's ethnic rivalry or competition: They are go-getters and are very competitive, but hardly bad neighbors. There's more to this story.

  19. "People are coming out of a snowstorm to give me money! But they're Asian? Well, I do like having money… but instead I will fuck myself over and get no money and get kicked off Air BnB! Who needs money when you lack pigment in your skin? That's how things work, right?" — internal conflict of stupid racists

  20. But WHY did you change your reservation? Did you not tell the host you were bringing DOGS?! The asian insult was an easy target, you are too sensitive to be a human. Kill yourself.

  21. The irony is she immigrated from South Korea, which is 99% Asian and the people there view blacks and Arabs as subhuman.

  22. Almost makes you want to return to your own people, doesn't it? Tired of this anti-American garbage. Go back to your country.

  23. Seriously, look into it, Asians are the most racist, most privileged people in the US. Studies have shown they segregate themselves in marriage and housing from darker skinned people and gravitate towards whites. I bet this is the most horrific thing this privileged woman has gone through.

  24. There needs to be fact-checking on this and these text-messages verified and verified if possible by the other party. The whole thing sounds suspect; she claims she wanted to rent a room out for 50 dollars for 4 people and two dogs which she does not deny and the host seems to state that she was not aware of this at first.

    Of course the host cancelled the invitation; that is a complete scam for the host. The "your an asian" and "I am a trump supporter" could be editing of the image or another manipulation. There needs to be fact checking on this article.

  25. This is has nothing to do with TRUMP. The world has BIGOTS, always will. Want a place to stay? . . . Get a hotel room.

  26. Not saying its fake but 1) Perfect video lighting at night? 2) 1080p vertical very good angle shot (pro camera man?) 3) Just after the event she has the time to record this outside in the cold, why not at home or after some thought if she were so emotionally distraught 4) Is she really crying because of being called Asian? Asian dont cry because of this we get angry 5) her crying is fake as fuck anyone would know this 6) the word trump is being more xposed than the actual AirBnb person

  27. Try to forget about that stupid woman!!! Fortunately she is a small minority. And she is being punished. That is completely bizarre and unacceptable.

    I read something that seemed kind of funny to me in Twitter. Someone called trump a "feral creature." That about sums it up for me. I'm in a nightmare scenario myself. Just trying to get through this awful dream that came true. I can't believe how ugly human beings can be, but for sure, they're not ALL like that.

  28. This video is about racism against an Asian woman, yet some of you are fine with that since you're also being racist towards Asians in the comments. Racism doesn't just apply to one race. How do you know this is fake? She's genuinely hurt. Not all people have to be emotionless and soulless all the time. Some people are sensitive, so stop expecting the world to be exactly like you. How do you know she has a white boyfriend? Not all Asians "worship" white people or try to be white. This is a stereotype. Most Asians are actually happy to be who they are. Excusing this racism because she probably "has a white boyfriend" is just an excuse for you either supporting this, or not acknowledging this is racist. Even if she did have a white boyfriend, she's not only limited to dating her race. Just because others have/had problems, doesn't mean hers are invalid.

  29. This is absolutely disgusting. I run and have been running an Airbnb here in Tasmania, Australia since June 2015. I have hosted many different colours, nationalities, (White, Black and Yellow) (Australian, New Zealand, American, Canadian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Filipino, Taiwanese, English, French, German, and MANY MORE). Airbnb hosting is for those who like to meet many differing people from many differing cultures. One word says it all, RACIST.

  30. The real question everyone seems to miss is: this incident happened way back in Feb, why is it only going viral in the news first week of April, the same week Chinese premier visiting USA? Coincidence much? NOT!!!!

  31. To anyone who wants to know about this AirBNB host, here is her information:::
    The AIRBNB host's name is Tami Barker
    work email: tbarker at msjc dot edu
    personal email: tami.barker.english at gmail dot com
    She's a professor at Mt. San Jacinto College

  32. Is there anything to substantiate this whole thing other than this self-made video? This just doesn't feel right. Not gonna fall for this until we get more details about the host, the renter, and the circumstances. Too much fake news to take anyone at face value without fact-checking.

  33. If it weren't for the hardworking Asians, technology wouldn't even be so democratised for you to even hear about Airbnb. Every single race/color/religion has given a significant something to humanity that it cannot do without. Thus every single race/color/religion must be respected equally. If not, that's just pure hate and that's unacceptable.


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