Brad Blakeman, former Deputy assistant to President George W. Bush, on President Trump ending subsidies to insurance companies under ObamaCare.



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  2. As a member of a minority group I love Trumps in your face racism. I hate those sneaky smile in your face racist. Fifty percent of white Americans are racist and don't have the backbone to admit it

  3. The rich pig Trump, who has received millions in government subsidies, tax breaks and bankruptcy forgiveness (and Russian subsidies!) for himself, takes subsidies away from poor folks who have no other way to get health care for their families. There is no lower, more despicable individual on the planet! It is interesting to see that many right-wing, Christian voters helped elect the devil to the office of President. Congratulations, enjoy the shame!

  4. Okay mr trump how much gold does the US have in reserves???? I think as president u should be able to find that out!!! Anerican people demand trump to tell is the truth about American gold reserves!!!!

  5. It fails because its not just the repubs who has full power who r too incompetent at passing it because any idiot with half a brain in the world can call out their bs tax cut for the rich ideas out, its also mainly because the man who has the bully pulpit is worthless at doing his job in pushing it instead of just sitting on his ass or out playing golf in having it fall short, not just because he’s really a worthless crony pos that doesn’t know shit, but also because he’s unwilling to at least try learn inorder to be able to do shit!



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