Donald Trump’s former campaign chair was wiretapped by the US government both before and after the election, CNN is reporting. And that’s just six months after the President was mocked for claiming his residence was tapped.

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  1. Now that cnn and the other various liberal media outlets have outplayed the Russia lie, they can't legitemise their horribly illegal actions anymore, good bless American #MAGA

  2. If somebody in your life(a person) lies to you all the time you wont believe anything that comes out there mouth not for an instance… But if the government lies to you for decades you eagerly await the next thing to come there mouth… A true american horror story

  3. Wait .. Did he just say that the government and the “intelligence community” mislead the American people? Come on … who in their right would believe that could ever happen …?

  4. The president needs to fire that traitorous Special Prosecutor right now. James Clapper is a criminal. Obama is the worst president we have ever had.

  5. The only ones sick is Trumptards aka russian trolls who support this forced dictatorship and Trump family dictatorship whos in bed with Putin. Ivanka Tramp : " Daddy make me pres next even if Im not qualified and fake. Russia will sup me daddy."

  6. Not only did they lie to public there are a lot of leaders who lied in Congressional hearings….. hmmmm….. wonder if anything will happen to them…..

  7. For all of the times the CIA has meddled in the elections of other countries, the US is now getting a taste of its own medicine. It wasn't the Russians that created the fake dossier on trump. and there wasn't any Russian agency that used the fake dossier as an excuse to spy on US citizens. and it wasn't the Russian news agencies that were advancing the fake dossier narrative. thank you RT for giving exposure to the brain dead talking heads at CNN.

  8. Queer Mueller, Queer Onama, and the rest the murdering Demotards should be in prison. Our Queer Republicans look like duh to us by wanting prosecuted our criminals as the scum FBI, and the murdering Demotards.


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