Donald Trump tweeted that transgender people is not going to be allowed to serve within the military.



  1. Highly trained & well armed transgender soldiers will annihilate enemies and Islamic terror groups by conducting "gay parades" and "making vulgar gestures" in the enemy territory. Well unless ofcourse terrorists enjoy killing gays by throwing them from rooftops according to sharia….On a lighter note transgenders should thank Trump for saving them from such horrible death punishments and saving the world from any transgender making military decisions being hypersensitive in the midst of a war

  2. WTF! Who uses Twitter to announce (unofficial) military policy changes to their country… Trump is soooooooooooooo STUPID, especially for devaluing America, hopefully he dies soon from his incurable brain damage.

  3. Good rule love this president so far he has common sense. USA is staying all natural so don't cut your dick off yet lmfao no modification needed if you don't like it move to Canada ????

  4. People who never served do not know the lengths that you must go through before you actually 'serve'. I'm a female Marine. Females and males have separated boot camps. Before we get to our first duty station, we must go through a separated physical fitness test to initially enter, then boot camp, then marine combat training, then your schooling. In school, you room with someone of the same sex. In boot camp, you all take showers naked. In male boot camp, I couldn't imagine a he-she with a penis down below and breasts on top. It is unrealistic and irresponsible of the government to spend millions of dollars just to make appropiate living quarters for transgenders. When I was active duty, the barracks I lived in had holes in the walls, old mattresses, and occasionally bugs. But oh wait, lets not fix the issues that are already at hand, lets give transgenders a brand new boot camp, new barracks, separate everything just to appease them. I agree with President Trump 100%

  5. Nice one well done Trump it's about time someone said it. Trans people obviously are not in the right mental state to serve in any forces.

  6. This clown who has dogged the draft five times is barring an abled person from serving the military. Trump is just a tool, he has no issue with the gays but this
    is a religion motivated move backed by the american taliban ( Christian extremists)

  7. The cost associated with allowing and providing medical treatment for trans individuals is a negligible fraction of current costs.

    Incidentally, it's also about 2% of the cost of sending the president to Mar-a-lago for a single weekend.

    What Trump has done has made us less safe, is fundamentally morally corrupt, and is completely unacceptable. It's a shame that Obama did not have the strength to take a stand before he was a lame duck (It reminds me of how the Kennedy administration refused to have the president escort a black child into school as a show of solidarity. Obama's cowardice left the door open for a populist bigot to feed hatred just the same.) And it's a shame there appears not to be any real leadership left in the US to challenge Donald and his deplorables.

  8. I see North Carolina isn't the only entity willing and wanting to openly discriminate against an unprotected minority group.

  9. Trump is RIGHT
    Transgenderism is a Mental illness that needs to be addressed and NOT embraced
    The only institution that should accept them is a Mental Institution
    Are you listening Bruce Jenner

  10. And the comment section adds to the lose of faith in humanity. I don't care if you are a goddamn alien, if you wanna serve you should be allowed

  11. he'll yeah, who want punks in heels defending us in war, if they insist on joining, put them on the front line…. they just want to join so the government can pay for their sex change with tax payer dollars, obama did that…

  12. Fake news, main stream media.
    Just a corrupt tool for the democrats to drive our country into the ground….

  13. Trump recently banned transgender people from joining the military and is trying to get rid of ObamaCare. This is my personal opinion on the issue about the military. If they are capable to do so Man, woman, transgender or not, it doesn't matter as long as they are capable of doing so. You're supposed to want more people for the military as they strengthen your army, keeping them out because you are uneducated and have a personal bias is childish.There have been trans people who have served already. If you cannot handle a trans person, why should we trust you to handle being in the military?

  14. I have nothing against trans people. But I actually agree with this. Transgender people should be allowed to serve unfortunately their medical condition is costly.

  15. Trannys. What next, gays and lesbians? This retard dictator president has a lot more you store for America and it will not be good. Wait until he starts on welfare…America is going backward into hell

  16. First off, I don't hate nor discriminate against those in the LGBTQ community but I fully agree with the President. The US military doesn't need these distractions and nor do they need personnel that would cause trouble from the moral perspective. Like I said, I don't hate gays but neither do I support, condone, nor agree with their lifestyles. And I think the military would be better off this way.

  17. Transgender is mental disorder.. That alone should disqualify them from serving. Did not vote for Trump but I agree with him on this.. BTW he did not make this decision on his own he consulted with several generals.

  18. If a transgender is willing to serve the USA with pride and they are committed than what is the problem with letting them or anyone serve in the military

  19. WTF IS WROMG WITH TRUMP HE IS SUCH A SUCK BASTARD (and before any butt hurt TRUMP supporters call me a stupid liberal or a hillary supporter I hate both Trump and Hillary with a burning passion so stfu)

  20. Democrats have been training their monkey Army of perverts, traitors and derelict intellectuals alongside ours for 40 years or more years now. Thank you Mr. President for putting a stop to the madness. The facts and science of gender in the human genome could not be more crystal clear. TG's are confused, hate filled sub humans with problems respecting authority ( their original problem is parent hatred) and have no place in a fit and ready military. People that don't have the basic courage to be their own gender don't have sufficient courage to face any of life's stresses graciously much less combat. TG's hate their parents and you become what you hate most when you don't have the innate graciousness to let things go.

  21. "If they had balls and cut them off or if they had a pussy and put a dick on that, they are insecure people who should serve in the military" – my father

  22. Trans can serve they just have to identify there biological gender and they won't give any hormones to them biological male soldiers and biological female soldiers this is fake news

  23. Its not about rights. Is about the fact that trump said he would protect LGBT rights.

    Btw trumps the T in LGBT stands for transgender.

    So this is about trumps hypocrisy.


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