President Donald Trump will not release the Democratic rebuttal to the GOP intelligence memo alleging FBI abuses of its surveillance authority at this time.



  1. Says he will not you just say that he sent it back to make some changes means he will send it out …you just Contradicted yourself erin and cnn

  2. I find it funny when someone calls CNN and fake news they get called dumb… When someone calls CNN fake news and gives almost 20 examples of completely fake news stories from doing research, and being able to think for themselves and still get called dumb from the Sheep! Why is it that absolute idiots can only insult people, like their programmed to do just that?

  3. This is a Lie , he instructed the Dems to work with the DOJ since the document they drafted would be a danger to this country !


  5. President Trump will not provide support to Democrats. Their memorandum contradicts what he sees as vindication in the Nunes memo. Why would anyone believe that the Dem's notice would get released? The only thing that is going to happen is more scrutiny and partisan politics opposing Democratic ideals.

  6. Omfg the Dems wrote a 10 page document full of components they knew would damage this country , they need to rewrite it with the DOJ being their Ghost Writer !

  7. Donna they are propaganda opinion people not news
    They are fake news
    Stop being brain wash
    They work for the anti American democrats and their destruction of America

  8. How will Republicans defend him now, with the clear evidence of bias and abuse of his role?

    Each day I am surprised by how far Republicunts are willing to stretch to protect dear Old Donald. Sad.

  9. This congress man is so venomous, he's been accusing Americans for being Russian spies. He even accused Carlson Tucker of being a Russian spy, This guy is fucking crazy.

  10. Republicans face a looming issue that they will eventually have to confront.

    Let Mueller finish his investigation, or support Trump in his authoritarian regime. 2018 and 2020 will be an absolute bloodbath for Republicans if they do nothing against their man-child in chief.

  11. 1. All internal memos in the whitehouse are AUTOMATICALLY classified.
    2. The president can declassify anything he wants.
    3. Classified does not mean it will be beneficial for a hostile nation.
    4. Classified also does not mean it will cause people to die if the information gets out.
    5. Saying it has sensitive information is just an excuse to not declassify it.

  12. I'm Dutch. Thank you CNN for making our Dutch News, Crap News. Journalism is dead if it comes to the left!
    Why is left media against the people? Why do we get all these propaganda? When does it stops?


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