President Trump feedback on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya



  1. "He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer… not a government lawyer…"
    Let's not pretend Trump Jr. didn't expect Russian government involvement going in. Goldstone informed Trump Jr. before the meeting that the info (which they say didn't pan out, for what it's worth) was "part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump…"

  2. BREAKING: Loretta Lynch helped let in the Russian lawyer who spoke to Donald Trump Jr. It's really pretty funny that every accusation the democrats make about Trump and the investigations called for, usually end up implicating and exposing things that the democrats have done. You would think they would be smart enough to just shut up since their accusations lead no where.

  3. враги Трампа так засрали всем мозги про русских, угрозу, войну и т.д. Хотя не могут никак признать – РУССКИЕ НИКОМУ НЕ УГРАЖАЮТ, НИЧЕМ НЕ ОТЛИЧАЮТСЯ ОТ АМЕРИКАНЦЕВ!!! Просто Клинтон конченная тварь, которая не может признать поражение на выборах

  4. It doesn't matter how short or long, or if you used the phone or took a shit. Was there intent. This added to the piles of other circumstantial evidence is going to catch up to him. So have your fun for now Trolls.

  5. TRUMP:Fuck it… They wanna keep it up with nothing burgers. Time to slam them All about the Ukrainian Hilary deal an the paid DNC person that searched an meet with Ukrainian Official over there an plenty more. GAME ON MOTHER FUCKERS. SPEACIAL Counsil ON ALL DEMOCRATIC MATTERS STARTS NOW.

  6. When Dems are running the show . The Russians are just a wonderful group of people wanting a Giant Red Reset Button from Hillary . Now that Trump is President , they are ready & willing to start a Nuclear WW3 with Russia just to bring Trump down . The Democrats really are becoming a very scary Party indeed .

  7. In the Land where shadows lie.
    One Trump to rule them all, One Trump to con them,
    One Trump to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

  8. THE NOTHING BURGER JUST GOT A BIG T-BONE STAKE INSIDE! Ahahahahahahhaaa. Sad deplorables saving face in 3-2-1 go ahead

  9. Donny, 1, the emails said the lawyer was a Russian government attorney with information from the Russian government that was part of the Russia government's support for Mr. Trump.
    2, The length of the meeting is totally irrelevant.
    3, Taking information or opposition research from a foreign government is not the "standard in politics", it's illegal.
    4, "Nothing happened from the meeting". Why should we believe that when so many from team Trump have lied over and over again about meetings with Russians?
    I'd bet money even Trump Sr knew of the meeting. That's probably why he said in a speech, hours after the meeting was set up, that he would soon be releasing all kinds of dirt on Hillary.

  10. Without getting into the legality or morality of the meeting the Trump's are still outright liars just like many politicians on both sides.


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