Fox News contributor Steve Cortes on President Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and efforts to reform immigration policy.



  1. Daca shit is not our problems. That's their fucking parent's. They need to seal whit that .daca # 1 is unconstitutional.We don't need more illegals alien's. The asshole Obama allredy a loud million of people in this country. On his 8 years .thankyou. Our president danold promise that he we'll report all the illegals alien's swamp out of this country USA.

  2. As far as the drug violence you have that vile and evil ?ObamaNATION?
    who was not only an illegitimate POTUS but also he's lead by another dreg
    of society ☠George Soros☠ the NWO globalist, who wants open boarders
    and everything that goes with it to thank for that‼️⁉️

  3. if you went into another country you would be beheaded Even Heaven has walls just because their parents committed a crime does it make it okay for them to continue committing the crime they need to pay us back and go back home and do it properly all of them

  4. no migration they're trying to ruin our country we will not put up with it get legal you idiots you criminals you've learned from your mother how to be a criminal and fight and get things for free and steal and lie and cheat no you don't belong here it doesn't make it okay because Obama did that to you and you guys did that to yourselves your criminals you should all be locked up in Mexico go back home you're crowding us and using up our resources and you are not doing us any favors you're taking from our social security you've stolen our social security numbers you have destroyed our country and now you're crying when you knew what you were doing to begin with and so did your parents so now you have to take the brunt of it go back to Mexico where you belong you don't belong in the United States because you're not Christians and we don't believe in the Day of the Dead so if you're celebrating your Independence and go back home and celebrate you don't look independent to me you look like you came over here fighting with us when you should have been at home fighting

  5. All this talk about a merit based immigration system should also apply to DACA. Giving blanket legal status to upwards of a million illegal aliens is just as stupid as chain migration and the visa lottery. They should be interviewed and vetted on an individual basis and allowed to stay if they have something to offer. If they’re in need of benefits, have little to no education or skills and they don’t speak English, then what good are they to America? If you really want to allow people legal status based on a merit point system, apply it across the board.

  6. daca should be terminated, and those people should return to their countries, and apply for immigrant visa…
    they are in ossesion of something they should not own, and they should return it…. the same, as someone rob a bank, and give you that $$ … are you entitled to that money?
    as owner of stolen $$ is entitled to it , that is how much daca's are entitled to anything american

  7. Trump needs to keep his promise about Mexico paying for the wall. If Mexico is disobeying ..the US should confiscate Mexican land along the border and resale it to developers to make up the money.

  8. No border wall is proof our government until Trump was working for the drug and slave traffickers keeping the border open for their business. The wall will seriously end the crossing of drugs and that business which no one seems to talk much about. This not all about immigrants it is much more about illegal drugs. Stop faking the topic.

  9. Everybody's time is coming to an end, if they haven't fulfilled their obligation, enter suckling off the teat of the welfare system, they need to be sent home.
    They'll for the ones that have fulfilled their dream, which is getting a job and assimilating into society, as a productive member.
    Should be allowed a pathway to citizenship, but.. chain migration NEEDS to end.
    And Build the wall where applicable, we can use drones, add other high-tech surveillance.

    After this is done we need to put a 3-year end to any more immigration, until we see the results. We have enough people willing to work hard in the United States, its all the illegal hiring that brings down wages.
    keeping AMERICA FIRST

  10. mexicos rope ladder manufacturers see a booming buisness in the future
    america can pay for and build a 10 foot wall for $1 million dollars a mile.
    meanwhile mexico can manufacture a 20 foot rope ladder for $19.99.

  11. Believe in the American dream and become slave forever until we make sure you die Make America???? I mean US great again with cheap labor and unhealthy conditions. In case you die we put you in a shoes box… fees may apply. Dont mind if we say you are the worse is part of the propaganda to get votes
    What a beautiful dream


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