The ‘Special Report’ All-Star Panel debates



  1. World, North Korea, we apologize for Trump's disgusting words. He does not represent us. We the people, believe in peace.

  2. Kim is a spoiled child. Either stop your temper tantrums or you will get spanked. You chose, I am in control here, not you. – Trump. (& any parent can understand)

  3. "Rhetoric" Fuck you FOX!
    It simply sounds like A MAN standing up for the American people & our allies if you ask me! The people that FOX wanted to be potus, are the ones who spew "rhetoric".

  4. China's neutrality should NEVER be a consideration when deciding military strategy. Following China's plan would mean we have to wait for one of our cities to be destroyed before we act. NK HAS nukes and has been threatening to use them. There is no further justification needed to act preemptively.

    China had their chance at working harder to prevent this ultimatum.

  5. It's easy to say stupid things hidding in the white house. But at the end American soldiers will sacrifice their life for nothing not Trump kids. And why are people eager for the war? Why they learn from Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam wars?

  6. If Kim Jong Un launches anything at anyone, they will be met with Trump's fire and fury. If Kim Jong Un wants to commit suicide, popping pills are a lot easier.

  7. Byron York is an idiot. There are nothing but bad military options. Even with a perfect preemptive strike, One Million people in South Korea are going to die in the first hour alone. North Korea has between 90/120 Russian made mobile missile launch platforms with an arsenal of 30 thousand Chemical, Biological, and Radiological missiles. The most conservative estimate places the death toll at just under 20 million in South Korea and Japan. Seoul has a population of 20 million and Tokyo has a population of 38 million.

  8. Let's get rid of all nukes from all countries and use nuclear materials for only energy purposes…!
    Problem- nuclear proliferation

    Gridlock- some counties can have nuclear weapons but others can't have

    Solution- get rid of nukes from all countries
    Then this argument make sense that no one should have nuclear weapons

  9. Do your part and, Stop purchasing items that are produced in China, your money goes towards their war efforts as well as those of North Korea and Iran!

  10. Trump has gone crazy and +300 million Ameridiots are following him blindly to the brink of the precipice. Good for the world anyway. Now the nut job is threatening with invading Venezuela. It boggles the mind. I guess he actually thinks gringo troops and the Yankee flag will be received with open arms over there. (heh-heh-heh) As Maduro said, Well, bring it on, champion, bring it on. Cant wait to see that.

  11. Sounds a lot like Kennedy over Russia in the 60s. He spoke tough and had every intention of keeping his word well we have an other that plans on keeping his. We have such a President in Trump

  12. Can't stand the man. This is what I've been waiting for to sway me more in his direction, I may not agree with most of what he's said but I'm behind him one hundred percent on this one. My niece is from s Korea, to a degree it feels personal because of that.

  13. Stay strong and unified, USA! I'm from Estonia, Eastern-Europe, and we'd like for our most important ally to be united against our enemies. North Korea isn't only USA's problem, they are the enemy of the entire Western Civilization. Undermining Trump's resolve, will only embolden our enemies, Russia, China, Iran and others.


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