Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget President Maya MacGuineas on the Trump administration’s tax reform plan.



  1. people think that all this is everything is going to be great,,, the petrodollar and the bank notes ( I O U S ) is going to collapse this year,,, If you do your real research you will see that your being set up and deceived,,,, Russia and China has created their own system to weakening the dollar,,,,the real question is if we are in debt and don't have money in the first place and have to borrow what we do not have in the first place,,, how are we paying it back,,, with what???? we have not paid anything back that is why we are in debt,,, common sense,,,,, you believe the hype,,,, and your thins are being stolen thru this system ,,, losing your homes, businesses ,, having trouble paying ,,,, more taxes,,, why more taxes???? no one has money and they raise taxes cause they need more of something that dose not really exist ,,,,, stop and think how insane this is and all the problems we are in do to it and the crime ,,,, money that you believe in makes you do things you would normally wouldnt do,,

  2. Digging your garden is to hard, but if you want home grown veggies you better start digging. Man up or in some cases woman up or whatever. Get it done you bunch of cowards.

  3. Wow, listen to all that hype of the start, only to find out it's one page of bullet points. Fair and balanced? Is that possible while you are sitting on Donald trumps cock?

  4. Oh oh, another "expert economic assessment." Remember the great stock market crash beginning with the election of our President? The impending and completely unavoidable crash which would have us all in rags, selling our lice-infested children for a piece of bread, dreaming of the next soup line, jumping trains from town to town looking for a handout? Oh, you don't? Well you should, that was an "expert economic assessment!"

  5. We're 20 trillion in debt, let's cut taxes!!! Because rather than trying to pay off some of the debt that we have to pay interest on, it makes sense to cut taxes for corporations so they can get richer while the citizens deal with the burden of the debt.

  6. Trump is not going to revise the corporate tax plan , such as shutting down tax shelters or tax loop holes . He is going to keep those , the ones that allow corporations like GE to pay zero in taxes , despite the current high corporate tax rate. All this is going to do is make the corporation , and their owners richer . He then is going to do the same thing that is currently been doing , cut the programs that benefit the middle class and poor. He won't cut military spending , he won't raise taxes on the wealthy , all this going to do is raise the national debt , cut benefits for the lower and middle classes , and make the wealthy class richer.
    And the ironic thing is , those poor deluded Trump supporter will continue to back him , while he and the republican party will cripple the mechanisms of upward class mobility that they delude themselves in thinking will allow them to climb the economic class ladder.


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