Hi babes!!! I feel so late on this train because everyone has been there and done that with Fenty Beauty, BUT I was just too excited and happy to test out this hot new line from Rihanna! Isn’t it crazy how fast past people get over new lines and are ready for the next? I wish we could enjoy the moments more.

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  1. It doesn't matter what you're doing/talking about, I genuinely enjoy just watching you and feeling your positive energy. ALWAYS

  2. Dulce even though you waxed your face it looks flawless! Next time try to thread your hairs instead you wont brake out and will still have same effect! Love your beauty videos!! ? ? ?

  3. I agree that yes it is competitive in makeup brands but there should be room for every brand out there. MakeUp Forever was not the only one who threw shade towards Fenti Beauty, also MakeUp Geek, Huda (sorry for misspelling that) was said to throw shade but that video was deleted, and even Kiley and Kim stopped following Rhiana. I think brands should at least study the brand to help expand themselves since a lot of people want expansions too in other brands to be more inclusive.

  4. the foundation is my absolute fave! i feel bad for the drier skinned girls becuase it is soooo matte. im sure that she'll release some more products for drier skin ❤️ also i posted a review of some of the collection on my channel and now i wish i was able to buy the whole line!! im going to.. eventually

  5. i love how you apply your make up. its very youthful looking. i just needs to know how to apply make up for my age 43. is there such a thing? because back in the day we just used foundation and then powder, then eye make up. non of this highlighter etc…which i love!!!

  6. Thank you for showing everything that she created! A lot of the youtubers didn’t show the concealers nor the rest of the highlighters and brushes….. I can always count on you ???

  7. Hey everyone , I started my channel a couple months ago and Im really trying to reach 1k before the end of the year so I would really apprecaite it if you would check it out and subscribe !!☺️

  8. I waxed my face once and it was horrible for me as well. I had so many breakouts all over my face and my face was red and irritated for weeks. I’d rather be harry lol I usually just bleach my facial hairs and tweeze the upper lip.

  9. I’ve always wondered, what do you do with all the other foundations that are not your color? What happens to the other 39?


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